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Women sex life during Menopause

Many women feel anxious after menopause, think that their sex life won’t be normal anymore. Women think that they can not experience orgasm after menopause. Is it really true? So lets discuss about menopause sexuality on women.

As we get older, women entering the time when menstruation ceases in women due to aging that known as menopausal women. During this time the levels of the estrogen hormone decline in women who later helped create sexual arousal down.

If at a young age when women could be quickly turned to sex, it takes effort to make Miss V turn on after a woman enters menopause.

Because the decline in hormones, mental changes, stress, decreased levels of confidence in menopausal women can reduce the desire to make love.

Problem that appears on women after menopause is that vagina not produce fluid / mucus in the vagina that serves as a lubricant during sex. When conditions were encountered, We appealed to women to treat it.

“In principle, the menopause is a deficiency of estrogen hormones. And that’s to do with menstruation and decreased production of fluid that serves as a lubricant during sexual intercourse. During make love, lubrication is needed to keep vaginal not dry. If dry, what happens is the pain.

One solution, is to use materials such lubrication jelly, water-based selling in many pharmacies.

“It should be in menopausal women, increased sexual desire and can be blocked at any time without menstruating,” so keep in mind.

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