Women Characteristic During Fertile Period

woman fertile period

Women Characteristic During Fertile Period

Women at the most fertile conditions, will give voice to the most high-frequency, and according to the research, things that make them appear more interesting, so the latest report of the study. The researchers understand that the voice of women turn up and down during their monthly cycle, and the increase was in line with the increase of their fertility. Even from the research found that women increased frequency sound several days before the ovulation, the time when the pregnancy success rate in the peak.

a women’s cycle is linked with various physiological and behavioral changes. For instance, earlier studies have found that when fertile, women’s sexual desire increases, as does their preference for strong-jawed men. Past studies have also shown men find fertile ladies’ dance moves more attractive, as well as her voice and smell, with one well-known 2007 study showing erotic dancers brought in better tips during the fertile phase of their cycle.

According to them, this discovery is the first discovery of a link between fertility and sound, and based on research that found that people have mentioned the similarity with the other animals when displaying the fertility signal physically.

The main researcher, Dr. Greg Bryant said: “Our study shows those women`s voices and change depending on the period of fertility once. The more closely with the ovulation, the higher the voice. In other words, the higher of the female voice, mean more fertile she is. By not aware, women do any that appear attractive”. Said Dr. Bryant and his partners at the University of California. Dr. Bryant to do with the way research analysis on voice recording 69 women, and eventually that condition was decided: the higher the voice of women, also near to her ovulation time.

“The difference is now increasingly clear only when they use simple sentences to introduce themselves, for example:” Hi, I’m a 7th semester university student!” And the difference in sound most starkly clear when they are in a period two days before ovulation. This change will be very clear appearing, when the women do a social communication activity – increasing the likelihood of the sign that they are clearly visible on the social interaction,” Dr. Bryant said.

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