Tangsi Beach – Enjoy the Exoticism of the Pink Beach East Lombok

Indonesia is home to more than 17,000 islands. Not surprisingly, this equatorial country has thousands of beautiful and stunning beaches. Of the many famous beaches in Indonesia, Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach) gets first place as the most beautiful beach according to lifestyle and fashion magazine, Vogue Korea. In addition to the exotic color of the pink sand, this beach also has a crystal clear water features with beautiful underwater beauty, as well as the expanse of hills with a vast meadow around him. Located on the eastern part of Lombok island, Tangsi beach is one of the three beaches in Asia and 10 known beaches in the world with pink sand.

Tangsi Beach - The Pink Beach on Lombok Island

Pink Beach ( Tangsi Beach) East Lombok
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Actually in Indonesia there is another pink beach that has been longer known and a tourist destination that is Pink Beach on the Komodo Island. While Tangsi Beach itself is one of the hidden beaches that are now just used as tourist attractions. So its existence is still very natural. Unlike the pink beach on the Komodo Island, here we need not worry about the existence of Komodo (dragons). When the weather is clear, from a distance will look so beautiful Rinjani Mountain. Given its still clean, quiet, natural and original atmosphere, here you will feel the sensation of having a private beach.

The water around this exotic tropical beach is pretty quiet with only small waves, which is perfect place to spend the day playing sand, swimming or fishing. In pink beach, there’s not many options of water sports. You can do some snorkeling or diving or islands hopping ( around IDR 500.000-800.000 ), but nothing else. But since the water is very pristine clear here, I bet you can’t resist yourself to dip in the water don’t you! In the past, for snorkeling tourists have to bring their own gear (you can rent these from Mataram city). Because no one is renting out snorkling equipment here. But now there are starting to rent snorkeling equipment with the cost of rent around IDR 25,000. Also because the snorkeling location is not near the shoreline, for snorkelin must rent a boat.

Tangsi beach snorkling

Tangsi beach snorkling
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During your visit to this heaven on earth, you will see several motor boats floating on the water. These boats take visitors to some nearby ‘gilis’, which is a local term for small islands. Each boat can take up to 10 people and it costs 21 USD for approximately one-hour ride. Tourists can also rent a fishing boat to surround the cluster of small islands just 2 km from the shoreline and not far from the beach, there is a historic heritage in the form of a cave of Japanese relics that are in the middle of the hills surrounding the Tangsi Coast. This hill has a diameter of 1.5 meters. Formerly this cave became a hideout of Japanese troops when World War II raged. Unfortunately, the cave is not maintained. The tourists can not enter it because the entrance of the cave sudha overgrown with bush.Indeed, if observed, around this beach there are some uninhabited little dyke. Who knows if you get bored playing sand and water on the beach, can try to play to the nearby island. Among the small islands, Gili Petelu is most popular, as the corals and some colorful fishes in the water near the island can be seen from your boat. Bring your snorkeling equipment and immerse in the wonders of underwater world here.

In addition to the sand beaches are so typical, there are still some beach charm. Like the existence of some high cliffs flanking the beach. One of the cliffs has a view towards the beach. In Pink Beach, you should go up to the cliff. The cliff is very easy to climb. You don’t need a rope and safety equipment. Simply hike from the east of the cliff, where the pathway isn’t steep. It takes less than 30 minutes to get to the top of the cliff. Here where visitors can enjoy the view of the open sea. The view is amazing, this Pink Beach Lombok will look so beautiful and clear. You will be so overwhelmed with the gradation color of the sea, the breeze wind and the calming remote atmosphere. On the west of the beach, there is a green hill where some locals herding their goats everyday. You will see how the goats graze grasses and leafy plants that grow on the hill.

In Tangsi Pink Beach, you should go up to the cliff

In Tangsi Pink Beach, you should go up to the cliff
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Tangsi beach is very tranquil. Not too many people go there yet. This is one of its attractive features. Now is the best time to visit because when the beach gets more crowded with visitors in the future, tranquility will likely to be lost forever.

Tangsi beach can be said to like a private beach

Tangsi beach can be said to like a private beach.
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About pink beach – From where the pink color of beach sand comes from

According to Wikipedia, the pink color of the sand is formed because the original grains of white sand mix with pink coral fragments. This splinter is actually derived from a spongy porphera animal that lives around this beach. Fractions of these pink animals are then mixed with fine sand and make the beach sand into pink. The bias of sunshine and the exposure of sea water makes the pink coast more visible.

Tangsi Beach Location

Pink Beach is located on the eastern tip of Lombok Island, adjacent to Tanjung Ringgit tourist attractions. Precisely this beach is located in Sekaroh Village, a small village in District Jerowaru, East Lombok.

How to go to Tangsi Beach

Location of the beach itself is quite far from the city center in Lombok like Mataram, or Kota Praya. Approximately will take about 2 hours from Mataram city. So, this beach can still be visited in a day. This Tangsi Beach is the only Pink Beach in East Lombok that can be easily reached by land. Not many tour or local guide that wants to drive you here. Because there’s no water sports/ attractions there. Tangsi Beach or Pink Beach is located in Sekaroh village, Jerowaru district, East Lombok district. The nearest access is from Kota Praya or Kota Mataram. The path to the beach is still the same direction with the path to Cape Ringgit. The road to the beach has been asphalted since tourism began to take place a few years ago, but unfortunately, the road is badly damaged because of poor maintenance. The road gets narrower when you get closer to the beach and you have to share it with some motorists. Seems the government ( or locals ) already fixed the road, so it’s not as bad as it used to be. To find out the location of the beach, please note the sign saying “PANTAI PINK 50 Meter”. The instructions are approximately 1 kilometer before Tanjung Ringgit.

Other access to reach this beach other than by land route is by sea, tourists can access to Tanjung Luar. From this small port, tourists can use boats to Tangsi beach. the journey through this route takes about 1 hour and stop at some beautiful places which is now used as a new destination when traveling to Pink Beach Lombok like Sand Island, Pink Beach 2, Gili Petelu, Pink Beach 1 and also Semangkok Beach.

Tangsi Beach called World’s Most Beautiful Beaches by Vogue Magazine Korea

Tangsi Beach called World’s Most Beautiful Beaches by Vogue Magazine Korea
Credit: http://lcc-abbeytravel.com

Tips To Tangsi Beach, Pink Beach East Lombok

  • Rent fishing boat to snorkel and wander around to dyke around the beach. Boat rental prices in Tangsi Beach or Pink Beach Lombok is ranging in price 300 thousand.
  • Due to the location of the beach pretty far, make sure the fuel is in full condition. If it runs out of fuel it would be very inconvenient.
  • Despite the increasing number of tourists due to Tangsi beach being one of the world’s very few pink beaches, the infrastructure is still very basic. Around the beach, you will find some hawkers selling cold drinks (mostly coke and local iced tea), but there is no restaurants around. So bring your food supplies if you want to stay longer here.
  • No need to bring snorkeling equipment if you want to snorkel, because there is a board of snorkeling equipment when renting a boat there later. It costs IDR 25,000.
  • The best time to visit this beach is the morning or afternoon. Do not get late, because street lighting is still not good and the street is still very quiet.
tangsi beach lombok indonesia

Tangsi beach lombok Indonesia


Tourists will not find hotels or inns with complete facilities and luxury like the beach in general. You will only find fishermen who offer boats to round the small island and some people offering drinks and no lodging. At least until this writing is made. So make sure you go home late in the afternoon to return to your place of stay.

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