Taka Bonerate Island the Paradise of Divers

Takabonerate is a beautiful archipelago in the southern peninsula of Sulawesi Island, also known as the “Kepulauan Macan”. Taka Bonerate which in local language (Bugis language) means “corals piled on sand or mounds of rocks in the sand”. Here there is Taka Bonerate Marine National Park which is an area of ​​220,000 hectares of atoll reef. It was identified as the largest atoll in Southeast Asia, and the third largest in the world after atoll Kwajilein in the Marshall Islands and atoll Suvadiva in the Maldives. This park confirmed as the 10th Biosphere Reserve (cagar biosfer) in Indonesia. Taka Bonerate features beautiful beaches with stunning coral reefs. Takabonerate boasts 526 species of colorful and strange reef fish as well as 112 species of macro algae. eventhough you surrounded by clean and healthy ocean environment, you’re not allow to fishing here and the rangers is really firm with their job, yet you will forget about fishing since tons of activities waiting you here. The charm of Taka Bonerate able to compete with the beauty of Maldives and Raja Ampat. Even the coral reefs owned by Takabonerate are far more beautiful than those two places, with some of the best spots for diving and snorkeling. This area consists of islands and lagoons, commonly formed from sand deposits and bioerosi (broken coral reefs and shells), which have undergone rounding, weathering to form young soils. In addition to dozens of taka and bungin there are also 21 small islands. The islands in Taka Bonerate area have a height of about 3-4 meters above sea level.

takabonerate diving

Takabonerate Diving

This amazing coral of Taka Bonerate presents the nuance of “paradise garden” for divers. here you will find a lot of diving spots scattered throughout the pelau areas, such as Tinabo Kecil, Tinanja Island, and Wall Reef in Latondu and Jinato. For you snorkeling and diving lovers will not be disappointed with the beauty of this marvelous marine park like this paradise garden. In fact, you can not be said traveling lovers if you have not stopped by and visit the constellation of Takabonerate islands.

Takabonerate Dive Spots

Taka Bonerate has many dive spots scattered throughout the region. Some of the mainstay dive spots are in the waters of Tinabo Kecil, Tinanja Island, as well as wall reef in Latondu and Jinato. Park officials routinely hold reef checks and observation of new diving spots. One of the new ones is “sumur ikan” in Taka Lamungan. The underwater is amazing. Guaranteed you will not fell sorry come here.
takabonerate diving


The best time to visit Takabonerate is April – June or October – December each year. If you want to see the real tourist attraction in Selayar regency especially Takabonerate then I suggest visiting friends in October – December to participate in the Takabonerate Expedition event.

How to get there

Takabonerate located in the Flores Sea, south of Sulawesi island of Indonesia. An important question for visitors, guests, tourists or backpackers is how to reach Takabonerate National Park area? This is important considering the journey to Takabonerate National Park is not easy and takes a long time journey. Through flights, road trips, and sailing. But you do not have to worry because tired that you experience will be paid when you step foot in that white sandy islands.

Using the Aircraft

  • From Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (Makassar) to H. Aeropala Airport (Selayar).
    Flight schedule Aviastar Airlines (DHC-6) every Saturday at 7:55 pm with a long flight of about ± 45 minutes. The ticket price for the current Rp. 210.000, – The rate does not include Airport Tax.
  • Flight schedule Merpati Airlines (MA-60) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13.30 Wita with starting price Rp450- Rp632 thousand. The journey takes about 40 minutes.

Booking tickets can be done online.

Using Public Bus

  • From Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (Makassar) to terminal Mallengkeri (Makassar) using taxi with cost Rp. 100.000, -. Regular buses are available at Malengkeri terminal (Makassar) to Benteng (Selayar), leaving at 08.00 WITA to the port of Bira (Bulukumba) with ticket Rp. 100,000 / person for bus with AC. Travel time is approximately 5 hours including rest (lunch).
  • From Port of Bira journey continued by crossing using Ferry for 2 hours to Port of Pamatata (Selayar) then proceed to Benteng town with time range 1,5 – 2 hour.

The next trip, Towards Tinabo there are two routes that can be passed, are:

Benteng – Tinabo Route
This route is taken starting from the port of Benteng. Mileage with regular boat approximately 6-7 hours. Or use a spead boat that is 2.5 – 3 hours.

Pattumbukan – Tinabo Route
This route you first drive from Benteng to Pattumbukan Harbor, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour duration. From Pattumbukan you can ride a regular boat traveled between 4-5 hours. Or use a spead boat that is 1.5 – 2 hours drive. If lucky, you can meet the dolphins on the way.

Please note that, currently there is no regular ship that goes to Tinabo Island. There is only a boat rental system or a speed boat charter.

Open Trip to Takabonerate

Here is the tour and Travel information that provides an open trip package to Takabonerate:

Taka Bonerate Accommodation

You will not find hotels on this island. Resorts in the Taka Bonerate area only exist on Tinabo Island, The Tinabo Island Resort. This is not a luxury resort with complete facilities, just a wooden house consisting of a building with 3 rooms and 1 shared bathroom in it. Taka bone rate accommodation are still very affordable, the average price of resorts in bone starting from IDR 200,000 rupiah per night. Although the facilities provided are limited, but the resort is very comfortable to be a place to relax while enjoying the beach scene. In addition, the resort is also equipped with a dive center. The backpacker with a limited budget, can ride free sleep in some small gazebo or make a tent around the island. For you nature lovers, setting up tents by the beach also provides an unforgettable experience.

Tips to Visit Takabonerate Island

  • The best visiting season to Taka Bonerate is April – June and October – December.
  • Always double-check the trip schedule to the trip that will take you there. The schedule of the ferry to Selayar can change at any time, depending on the weather conditions at that time.
  • Electricity in Tinabo lights up only 12 hours a day, from 6pm to 6pm.
  • For diving, for a one-time dive you have to pay around 400 thousand including tools and guide.
  • On Tinabo Island there is no cell phone signal.
resorts in the Taka Bonerate

resorts in the Takabonerate

Tinabo Island

Tinabo Island is a small island surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Location of Tinabo Island is quite strategic, which is in the middle of Taka Bonerate area. Therefore Tinabo Island became a tourist center in Taka Bonerate area, and became the only island with resort facilities and dive center. No hotels here. Staying in Tinabo that is definitely in the middle of nowhere and uninhabited, will make you like having a private island. It took less than an hour to circle the island.

If you love underwater scenery, you can do beach entry for diving or snorkeling in front of the island. Surrounding Tinabo Island there are several diving spots, such as Ibel Orange with coral mounds that form hills beneath the sea, Softcoral Point dominated by soft coral, and Kampung Nudi famous as a gathering place nudibranch.
In addition, only in Tinabo you can play with dozens of baby shark who swim free at the beach front beach resort!

baby shark

play with dozens of baby shark

Selayar Island and Takabonerate Festival

Selayar usually used as a transit place for those who want to visit Taka Bonerate. the island has a beautiful beach and a cool dive spot. Try crossing to Pasi Gusung Island to the west of Selayar. On the island there are several dive spots and white sand beaches, such as Liang Tarusu Beach, Liang Kareta Beach, and Je’neiya Beach. Even in one of his dive spots we can find dugongs. On this island the Takabonerate Festival is often held this is the Baharu Baharu event in South Sulawesi. The most recent will be held “Takabonerate Island Expedition 2018” runs from October 23 to 27, 2018 as stated in the Tourism Calendar 2018 Selayar District. The festival will feature a variety of exciting activities that will take place in several places throughout the national park. This year, the event will be held include: Collaborative Art Specialties between India and Selayar, Mass Traditional Dance Performances, Underwater Exhibition, Performing Arts and Culture, Sea Bazaar, Bajo Island Island Exploration “Island Hopping Tour, Tinabo Beach Fiesta (Snorkeling, Transplantation) Corals, shark-feeding), and more There will also be a number of exciting competitions like the Dekorasi Becak (Pedicab Deck) competition, Traditional Horse Race, Traditional Boat Race, and a number of traditional folk games including Bangkeng Ka’daro, Rongkong- rongkong Jangang, and Terompa.

Takabonerate Island Expedition

Takabonerate Island Expedition
Credit: www.pedomanwisata.com

Bonetappalang Beach and Pinang Beach on the east side of Selayar even have a better dive spot from the western coast. But if you want to visit the east coast of Selayar should pay attention to the season, because if the east wind season, access to it is closed. In addition we can also find some historical rites. Such as Giant Anchors, Gong Nekara, or the Old Village of Bitombang, a native village that is hundreds of years old.

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