Manjakani – Herbal to Tighten Vaginal Muscles

Tighten Vaginal Muscles – Compared with betel leaf, manjakani is relatively less known. Though this plant is also believed to produce health care, clean female sex organs to avoid vagina infections and eliminate the odor, clean fragrance and abrasive, raise self-confidence to intimacy husband-wife relationship.

Many women asked whether in such cases they can restore their vaginal tightness. Or, is there a home remedy for vaginal rejuvenation?

Yes, there is. Although it is not 100% like you’re virgin, but you can still get that condition which almost ‘similar’ results. In fact, those successful achieve those targets said “this is even better” than when they were young. Caring for organ intimate with natural ingredients actually been done since ancient times. The most popular is by cooking the betel leaves and use it`s water to remove  vaginal discharge. Actually there is another ingredient to keep the intimate organs, namely Manjakani (oak galls). traditionally by the Arabs, Iran, China, India, and the Malays. It is believed that Manjakani has been used since 2725 BC by the ancient Egypt. Although many grew up in Indonesia, yet many manjakani plants known to the public. Continue…