About Unicycle

History of the Unicycle


unicycle – credit to www.bikeforest.com

Unicycle is a unique type of bike because it only has a wheel. Unlike its two-wheeled cousin the bicycle, the unicycle is a much simpler creation. It has no gear or chain and brake arrangement to move it. Rather the pedals are fashioned to directly crank the axle and move the wheel. [1] Throughout the history of the unicycle, the basic form remained more or less unchanged in form up until the late 1980s. Is a man named German Baron Karl von Drais who already use bicycles as a means of transportation jobs since 1816, Baron managed to complete this models in 1886, and later patented the design of the one-wheeled bicycle. You can see the bike at Paleis het Loo museum in Apeldoorn Netherlands. [2] Continue…