Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Cough and Throat Syrup

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is a traditional herbal medicine commonly used to cure symptoms of cough with phlegm and dry cough, heal sore throat, missing voice, treat asthma, help maintain lung health, and maintain endurance. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Syrup effectiveness by suppressing the cough frequency; blocking the development of ear edema; preventing or treating various ailments; suppressing the action of eosinophils and reduces airway damage. The original remedy is only manufactured by Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory Limited, Hongkong. Continue…

Garlic herbal Remedy for Sore Throat

garlic cure sore throat

garlic cure sore throat naturaly

Herbal remedy for sore throat – In addition to cooking spices, garlic has long been recognized as an efficacious herbal cure various diseases and even cancer. Research conducted by James North, an expert in microbiology from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, shows that garlic can stop the symptoms of sore throat. If not sick, garlic is useful as a decongestant that can make way breathing. Yes, raw garlic. Allicin, a chemical found in garlic, kills the bacteria that causes strep throat.

Another study conducted by Andrew Weil of the University of Arizona College of Medicine also proved that garlic can strengthen the immune system, stimulate employment by T cells in charge of fighting infection. People with chronic infection are encouraged to consume raw garlic 1 to 2 cloves every day. This can be found written in Natural Health, Natural Medicine. Continue…