Herbal Remedy | The Benefit of Rosella

benefit of rosella

herbal rosella

Rosella (Hibiscus rosa sabdariffa) is very famous plant in Indonesia. There are many benefit of Rosella, especially for herbal treatment. Previously, the plants flower pod is known as frambozen and materials are often used to make a framboze syrup. Just now, rosella flower sheath, known as the herbal tea drink called rosella.

Rosella flower sheath including a herbal with many used for health purposes. Rosella has a citric acid, malat acid, antosianin, hibiscin, vitamin C, protein, and flavonoid. of various substances are the most interesting is flafonoid substance called gossypectine, hibiscetine and sabdaretine, the antioxidants that are strong enough to be used against free radicals, which damage the human body. Continue…