How to Calculate Your Fertile Period

How to calculate your fertile period is not difficult. You can calculate yourself using the calendar system. This is a natural or natural that is used when you have a regular menstrual cycle. But it it will be a different chase, and quite difficult for woman with irregular menstrual cycle.

Using menstruation calendar

Okay, at first, try to record your menstrual cycle in the last 3 months in succession (on the first day of menstruation). And should the woman with a cycle that is not regularly menstruation be difficult to assess the fertile period in this way.

The calculation is based on the fertile period or when the ovulation going on to 14 of the next menstruation come reduce 2 days because sperm can live for 48 hours after ejaculation and added 2 days because the ovum cells can live 24 hours after ovulation. Continue…

About Reproductive Organs

This article talk about reproductive organs, both male and female.

Male Reproductive System

Male reproductive organ designed to be able to generate, transmit and store sperm. Sperm stored in liquid that protected and nutritious, the semen.

Sperm Production

male reproductive organs

male reproductive organs

Determine the most important part of producing sperm is testis. Head of mature sperm has a oval shape and flat, and has a curls tail that useful to encourage sperm to enter the semen. Head of the sperm has a nucleus with a chromosome and also has a structure called the acrosome that is able to penetrate the layer of jelly that encircle ovum and that fertilize it if necessary. Sperm produced by the organ called testis safely stored in the scrotum. This position keep the testis keep cooler than other part of the body. The establishment of sperm is running low on the normal temperature, but continue to occur at a lower temperature in the scrotum. So, avoid things that cause the temperature around the scrotum to be high because it will affect the quality and quantity of sperm production. Continue…