Prostate Cancer Abiraterone Treatment

About prostate problems, EXPECTATIONS prostate cancer to recover seems to be the greater after scientists successfully developed a new drug called Abiraterone. Scientists welcome the enthusiastic attendance prostate cancer abiraterone treatment and found as the most significant progress in this field of cancer treatment during the last 70 years.

According to experts from the Institute of Cancer Research, cancer research center based in the UK who develop Abiraterone, this drug should be proud of as claimed able to treat 80 percent of patients of prostate cancer. This medicine works effectively in a way preventing hormones that trigger the occurrence of cancer. Continue…

Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy

Therapy for prostate cancer confined to the organ, or a local prostate cancer, is usually done by surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or a combination of the three. And we will talk about Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy.

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is only experienced by men, particularly those aged 50 years and over. Male prostate gland which is shaped like beans that served to produce sperm. Gland is a place to live and a source of food for the sperm. Until now has not known for certain what causes the appearance of prostate cancer. But in general, approximately 70% due to the aging factor. Continue…

When Prostate become a Cancer

prostate cancer

prostate cancer

Because the cause of Prostate cancer is not known exactly, no one can say how to prevent it. However, many studies indicate that consuming low fat and low cholesterol food cholesterol may help prevent the prostate cancer.

Experts recommend that men eat tomatoes red diligent and soybean products, such as know, soy flour, soy milk, broccoli, and reduce the consumption of red meat. Consumption of vitamin A, E, D, and it is said to help prevent tumor growth in animals and human prostate. Similarly organized sports and proportional. Continue…