Premenstrual Syndrome

Here we will talk about premenstrual syndrome. The coming period is a time that always be expected by most women. When the period came late, it will cause a worry, perhaps something has happened in the body of the woman.

If only a late period, usually for most doctors is not so difficult to overcome. By providing medicines fisher period, the problem can be overcome. But there is one more problem for some women, the time period will appear, will always be accompanied with a sense of fear. If you can, better do not have menses come. Usually 7 to 10 days before menstruation, arising qualm, quick-tempered, easily offended, afraid or nervous feeling excessive, the body weak, flatulence, breast pain, trouble sleeping, decreased appetite, difficulty concentrating. Continue…

About Menstrual Cycle

Understand your menstrual cycle and how come a woman gets pregnant are important knowing your fertility. Menstruation is a release of the womb wall (endometrium), which along with bleeding and going in every month except during pregnancy. Menstruation that continue to occur every month called menstrual cycle. in the menstrual cycle, if fertilization does not occur, endometrium layer in the uterus will drop out the body. Menstruation usually occurs at the age of 11 years and continuing until you take up to menopause (usually occurs around age 45 – 55 years). Normally, menstruation lasted for 3 – 7 days. Menstrual cycles generally occur periodically every 28 days (there is also every 21 days and 30 days). But some women do not have a regular cycle and this can be an indication of fertility problems. Continue…

Menstrual Cycle Quitting Smoking on Woman

Menstrual Cycle Quitting Smoking on Woman – A research conducted by scientists from the University of Minnesota, United States of America recently found a new way to stop the smoking habit in women, with attention to their monthly menstrual cycle. Research involving 200 women revealed that compared with other times, the success to stop the smoking habit will be more show results if done long before the ovulation come.

Of course, this is good news for women who are currently trying desperately to stop the smoking addiction that is harmful to their health. Continue…

Cautious Menstrual Cycle Disturbances

Menstruation cycle

Menstruation cycle

Menstruation is shedding the womb wall consisting of a network of blood and body. It will be held each month and is a normal process for women, regular. If after 13 years of age her menstrual cycle still not regular it is also the experience menstrual cycle disturbances.

In other words, menstruation is a process of cleaning the womb of the blood vessel, gland, and gland cells that are not used because of the absence of fertilization or pregnancy.

Normal age for a woman to get monthly visitors for the first time is 12 or 13 years. But there are also some women who experience menstruation (menstrual / menstruation) early (age 8 years) or more slowly, namely during the age of 18 years. Menstruation itself will stop the woman is aged about 40-50 years which is well known with the term menopause. Menstrual cycle / menstruation normally occurs once every 21-35 days, with the long period range 4-7 days. The amount of menstrual blood, normal range 30-40 ml. And according to the experts count women will experienced 500 times of menstruation during the period of his life. Continue…