Black cohosh Dosage and Side Effecst for Menopausal Symptoms

Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa, Actaea racemosa) is an herb that was first used for medicinal purposes by Native American Indians, who introduced it to European colonists. It is an herb that exerts its effects on the endocrine regulatory (hormonal) mechanism in your body. It’s a phytoestrogen, but by definition that means it’s weaker than the estrogens your body creates. In the mid-1950s in Europe, Black cohosh became a popular treatment for women’s health issues, Generations of American women have relied on the gnarled root of black cohosh(Cimicifuga racemosa) to relieve various “female problems, exspecialy has commonly been used to treat symptoms of menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), painful menstruation, acne, weakened bones (osteoporosis), and for starting labor in pregnant women. But black cohosh hasn’t only been helpful for women going through natural menopause. It also helped women who had undergone hysterectomy with partial removal of their ovaries. Continue…

Fertility in Early Menopause

Fertility in Early Menopause

Menopause cycle

By John Gibb – A fertile woman’s ovaries are producing ovums and she has normal levels of estrogen.
In early menopause, the symptoms that are most common are the hot flashes/night sweats, irregular periods, and irregular bleeding. In early menopause, hormone levels fluctuate and may make your symptoms more or less intense each month. It is possible for pregnancy to occur during early menopause. Continue…

Women sex life | Menopause Sexuality

menopause sexuality

Women sex life during Menopause

Many women feel anxious after menopause, think that their sex life won’t be normal anymore. Women think that they can not experience orgasm after menopause. Is it really true? So lets discuss about menopause sexuality on women.

As we get older, women entering the time when menstruation ceases in women due to aging that known as menopausal women. During this time the levels of the estrogen hormone decline in women who later helped create sexual arousal down.

If at a young age when women could be quickly turned to sex, it takes effort to make Miss V turn on after a woman enters menopause. Continue…

Male Menopause (Andropause)

The evidence suggests that hormonal changes that cause menopause in women, was also experienced by men.

Found in many male patients who experienced the same symptoms experienced by women in perimenopause and menopause. Ever since the term “male menopause” was first coined in 1949, there have been debates about whether men go though a psychological and physiological change that is similar to menopause in women. Continue…

Menopause Symptoms

menopause symptom

Menopause symptoms can vary in every woman

Don’t be worry when you enters menopause. Face it gracefully, and smiling will make a better mood. So what is menopause? It is the time when menstruation ceases in women due to aging.

By the way, the signs that precedes actual menopause in women is not only limited to cessation of the menstrual cycle. There are several symptoms that you can check to make sure. Continue…