Cerebral Palsy in Infants

Cerebral Palsy infants

Cerebral Palsy in infants (img credit to www.mindpowerprograms.com)

The birth of a healthy baby would bring happiness to every family. Normal infant growth and health of a desire for every parent. But what if your baby has a growth disorder, or in medical terms is called with cerebral palsy? Here we will talk about cerebral palsy in infants.

Cerebral palsy definition

Cerebral palsy is a disorder control of motor function due to damage that occurs in the developing brain. The attack occurred in the motor cells in the central nervous system. This damage is chronic and progressive, or defects due to abnormalities in brain tissue that has not finished growing.

Cerebral palsy characterized by poor muscle control, stiffness, paralysis and other neurological dysfunction. Cerebral palsy disorders are known as the baby ages 3 – 6 months, when the baby is experiencing delays in development. Premature babies are vulnerable to cerebral palsy. likely due to the brain blood vessels that have not developed completely, so it is easy to bleed for failing stream or in the amount of oxygen to the brain comprehensive. Continue…