How to Calculate Your Fertile Period

How to calculate your fertile period is not difficult. You can calculate yourself using the calendar system. This is a natural or natural that is used when you have a regular menstrual cycle. But it it will be a different chase, and quite difficult for woman with irregular menstrual cycle.

Using menstruation calendar

Okay, at first, try to record your menstrual cycle in the last 3 months in succession (on the first day of menstruation). And should the woman with a cycle that is not regularly menstruation be difficult to assess the fertile period in this way.

The calculation is based on the fertile period or when the ovulation going on to 14 of the next menstruation come reduce 2 days because sperm can live for 48 hours after ejaculation and added 2 days because the ovum cells can live 24 hours after ovulation. Continue…

Women Characteristic During Fertile Period

woman fertile period

Women Characteristic During Fertile Period

Women at the most fertile conditions, will give voice to the most high-frequency, and according to the research, things that make them appear more interesting, so the latest report of the study. The researchers understand that the voice of women turn up and down during their monthly cycle, and the increase was in line with the increase of their fertility. Even from the research found that women increased frequency sound several days before the ovulation, the time when the pregnancy success rate in the peak.

a women’s cycle is linked with various physiological and behavioral changes. For instance, earlier studies have found that when fertile, women’s sexual desire increases, as does their preference for strong-jawed men. Past studies have also shown men find fertile ladies’ dance moves more attractive, as well as her voice and smell, with one well-known 2007 study showing erotic dancers brought in better tips during the fertile phase of their cycle. Continue…