Choosing a Mirrorless Camera for Traveling

The question of many people today is, do I need a mirrorless camera? If you are a photographer who photographed a lot in the studio and model, you need more high-end cameras to work. but if you are Travel Photographer and Travel blogger, or hobies who like to take pictures and walk during vacation. then the mirrorless camera fits with you. Short enough to put in the camera travel bag.  Mirrorless camera is a digital camera that began popular in 2008, has a similar shape DSLR camera, but with a smaller size and lightweight and do not use the mirror to look more concise. Mirrorless camera can be positioned as a combination of the superiority of the quality of DSLR camera photos with the practicality of a pocket camera. Because of that advantages then this compact mirrorless camera is chosen by the traveler to document their journey. Continue…

Basic About Camera DSLR

Basic About DSLR Camera

DSLR camera

DSLR camera

DSLR or SLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera) technology is a combination of DSLR cameras or digital SLR cameras, this turns out to be made to replace film of photography camera. Camera SLR & DSLR cameras have features that are very advanced are:

  • Live preview
  • Video recording with HD resolution and features contrast detection and auto-focus
  • Dedicated keys for both sensor ISO image, if necessary. Continue…