Tooth Cavity Treatment and Prevention

Toothache is not a pleasant experience. The pain can make even an adult cry. Tooth cavity are usually the initial cause of our suffering from a toothache. What actually happens to our teeth when suffering from a toothache? What other result from cavities? What about tooth cavity treatment?

Tooth cavity Trigger factors

tooth cavity treatment

tooth cavity treatment

Teeth are not caused by worm holes like the opinion of those in the ancient times. This theory lasted until the 1700s until Willoughby Miller an American dentist who worked at the University of Berlin found the cause of tooth decay. He found that cavities caused by the meeting between the bacteria and sugar. Bacteria will convert sugar from food into acids remaining that caused the teeth to acid environment (natural environment should be the base of teeth) and the acid is what ultimately makes a small hole in the tooth enamel. Continue…

Cigarettes Dental Health

Cigarettes dental health –┬áHere we want to review the effect of smoking on dental health. Hope will helpful and always ask advice and suggest that this posting more perfect.

Why smoking is closely associated with healthy teeth and mouth? Certainly be easy to answer, because the tobacco is inhaled through the mouth. As we can easily see a smoker’s lips look darker than the lip of a non-smoker. Continue…

Dental Tool | Braces

About braces, there are definitely using this dental tool, why do I say dental tools? The first reason because it was the teeth and always keep our teeth.

The second reason is used for stylist and to increase self confidence.
The third reason is for use by people who have abnormalities in the jaw and aims to improve the shape of their face.

Braces in the past is a strange thing, and impressed a handful, but now teenagers and an artist use it, besides to correct jaw and teeth form, not a few who use these braces as a style in the face for supporting performances. But when does a person need treatment using braces? Continue…