Sambiloto and Thyme Herbal Treatment for Bronchitis

As an alternative, in addition to using herbal treatment for bronchitis, you can also use medicinal herbs (herbal), use Sambiloto plants (Andrographismpaniculata Ness). These plants proved to be effective in reducing respiratory infections due virus and bacteria.

As we know that the branch Sore throat or bronchitis occurs when an infection bronchus, caused by viruses or bacteria. While looking light, if not treated immediately, if bronchitis can develop into pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs. So we must be vigilant if we suffer bronchitis, acute and long enough to heal.

To heal bronchitis, first we have to treat the infection appeared. Bronchitis at the medium level will cause the mucus in the trachea to cause cough with phlegm. If there is phlegm in the windpipe, it is necessary diluruhkan phlegm, so that breathing becomes smooth. So ekspektorant needed drug type. Continue…