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secang wood

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Secang wood or sepang (Caesalpinia sappan L.) is more widely known by the public as a plant that can be used as a source of natural dyes. The stem or wood timber plants can produce a natural red color. Therefore, many wooden cup used by people as a food coloring and drink. than as a natural dye herbs, secang wood also has properties of herbs to maintain health.

According to wikipedia [1], Secang or Sepang (Caesalpinia sappan L.) is a member of the tribe of tree legumes (Fabaceae) are used pepagan (bark) and timber as a commodity trading spices.

This plant comes from maritime Southeast Asia (Archipelago) and easily found in Indonesia. The bark is used as a medicine, dyes, and refreshments. Until the 17th century bark becomes part of the spice trade from Siam and the archipelago to various places in the world. He is known by various names, such as seupeueng (Aceh), sepang (Gayo), sopang (Toba), lacang (Minangkabau), secang (Sunda), secang (Jawa), secang (Madura), sepang (Sasak), supa (Bima), sepel (Timor), hape (Sawu), hong (Alor), sepe (Roti), sema (Manado), dolo (Bare), sapang (Makasar), sepang (Bugis), sepen (Halmahera selatan), savala (Halmahera Utara), sungiang (Ternate), roro (Tidore), sappanwood (Inggris), and suou (Jepang).

Similar plants originating from South America, brazil wood or Brezel (C. echinata), also used for the same thing.

At least, there are nine chemical components in Secang wood very beneficial to health, when consumed regularly. That is gallic acid, tannins, resins, resorsin, brasilin, brasilein, d-alpha-phellandrene, oscimene, and essential oils. Compounds found in the trunk Secang include tourniquet, blood purifier, detoxifying and antiseptic.

Secang Wood Chemical Ingredients

Secang leaves contain polyphenols and from 0.16 to 0.20% atsiri oil. The stem or Secang wood contains tannin, gallic acid, resin, brasilein, d-alpha-phellandrene, oscimene, essential oils, resorsin, and brasilin. Basilin / brazilin is a class of compounds that gives the red color to the Secang wood. these compounds have the structure of C6 H14 O5. Brazilin an antioxidant compound that has the chemical structure catechol (Shafwatunida, 2009). Brazilin on wood Secang (Caesalpania sappan) is hypoglycemic and improves glucose metabolism in diabetic rats (Stuart, 2011). [2]

Parts used for mixed drinks is the timber or tree trunk. Secang timber can be harvested from the age of 1-2 years.

Secang (Caesalpinia sappan L) Efficacy of Treatment

Of the nine compounds were mostly classified as flavonoids, are also at least nine properties that need to know, such as the following.

  • Accelerate the healing of wounds in,
  • Diarrhea and dysentery,
  • Accelerate healing after childbirth,
  • Heal bleeding, such as pain due to impaired blood circulation, TBC, dysentery, vomiting blood, and bloody wounds,
  • Treating syphilis, malaria, tetanus, and inflammation of the lining of the eye,
  • As an anti-toxic.
  • Overcoming swelling due tumors,
  • As an antiseptic, antibacterial, and anticoagulant (anti-clotting).

Because this plant contains compounds are anti-bacterial and anti-coagulation or anti-caking, it is no wonder if a cup can be used as medicine for diarrhea, cough and can heal wounds. If you are experiencing diarrhea, use 5 grams of dry wood that small cut, then boiled in two cups of water for 15 minutes. After that, strain and drink immediately.

Secang Wood

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Remedy Prescription Drugs :

Secang (Caesalpinia sappan L.) as medicine is usually presented in the form of a drink . To consume wood of Secang as an herbal remedy , it must be processed first . To process them , you just do some steps in write below .

Cleanser blood:
Wood shavings, plus cilantro and Trawas leaves, boiled.

Diarrhea / loose stools:
5 g wooden cut into small pieces and boiled with 2 cups water
for 15 minutes. Once cool, then filtered, divided into 2 parts.
Drink morning and evening.

Coughing up blood in tuberculosis:
1 1/2 finger wooden cup washed and cut into pieces as needed,
boiled with 4 cups water until remaining 2 1/4 cups, After
cold filtered drinking. Day 3 x 3/4 cups.

Inflammation of the mucous lining of the eye:
2 fingers wooden cup washed and cut into pieces as needed, boiled
with 3 cups water until the remaining 1 1/2 cups. after the cold
filtered, the water used to soak the affected eye.

1 finger wooden cup washed and cut into pieces as needed, boiled
3 cups of water until remaining 1 1/2 cups. after the cold
filtered and drunk with honey as necessary. Daily 2 x 3/4 cups.

Wedang Secang (Secang Drink)

Wedang Secang is a traditional beverage from Indonesia, specifically from Central Java. In the past, it was the drink of the Javanese Royal Family, but nowadays Secang is available in many places for everybody.

To make the beverages, we need the wood of the tree. First the wood need to peel from its skin, then copped into small pieces and then dried. The copped wood is then combine with other herbal to make the beverage. Secang drink is good for health, Besides improving stamina, the drink is also believed to be able to overcome flatulence, colds and to make the body warm.In the village, spice plants, as the material basis of making the drink secang easily found. Crops that had become the reason for Europeans


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