Sambiloto and Thyme Herbal Treatment for Bronchitis

As an alternative, in addition to using herbal treatment for bronchitis, you can also use medicinal herbs (herbal), use Sambiloto plants (Andrographismpaniculata Ness). These plants proved to be effective in reducing respiratory infections due virus and bacteria.

As we know that the branch Sore throat or bronchitis occurs when an infection bronchus, caused by viruses or bacteria. While looking light, if not treated immediately, if bronchitis can develop into pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs. So we must be vigilant if we suffer bronchitis, acute and long enough to heal.

To heal bronchitis, first we have to treat the infection appeared. Bronchitis at the medium level will cause the mucus in the trachea to cause cough with phlegm. If there is phlegm in the windpipe, it is necessary diluruhkan phlegm, so that breathing becomes smooth. So ekspektorant needed drug type.

Sambiloto herbal cure bronchitis infection

Sambioto (Andrographismpaniculata Ness)

Sambioto (Andrographismpaniculata Ness)

Sambioto (Andrographismpaniculata Ness). proven to shed mucus. Remarkably, all part of the plant (except root) can be used as a medicine (herbal).

Andrographis paniculata, the Kalmegh of the Ayurveda, is an erect annual herb extremely bitter in taste in each and every part of the plant body. The plant is known in north-eastern India as ‘Maha-tita’, literally ‘king of bitters’, and known by various vernacular names (see the table below). It is also known as ‘Bhui-neem’, since the plant, though much smaller in size, has a similar appearance and has the same bitter taste as that of Neem (Azadirachta indica). In Malaysia, it is known as ‘Hempedu Bumi’ literally means ‘bile of earth’ since it is one of the most bitter plants that are used in traditional medicine. In Tamil it is called ‘Sirunangai’ or ‘Siriyanangai’. The genus Andrographis consists of 28 species of small annual shrubs essentially distributed in tropical Asia. Only a few species are medicinal, of which A. paniculata is the most popular.

These plants contain two groups of compounds, the lactone and flavonoids. Sambiloto anti-infective properties. according to the study, stew sambiloto leaves can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococus aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris, Shigella dysenteriae, and Eschericia coli. Therefore sambiloto Herbal healing is very effective for respiratory tract infections caused by viruses and bacteria, including bronchitis. Despite bitter taste, but sambiloto herbs are safe for medicating.


Provide sambiloto herbal powder from 250 mg. Can be taken in pill form, capsules, and extracts aquatic. This powder drink three times a day. From the results of research, sambiloto powder in pill or capsule form proved more effective than in the form of tablets made from herbal extracts aquatic (water solvent).

Thyme, expectorant herbs for bronchitis sufferers

Thyme plants (Thymus vulgaris L.)

Thyme plants (Thymus vulgaris L.)

If the infection is successfully treated, then the emergence of other symptoms such as sputum also need to be healed. It is necessary for other crops that have efficacy as a natural expectorant. This is Thyme plants (Thymus vulgaris L.) from the Lamiaceae family.

Thyme contains astiri oil, timol and karvakrol. Have the efficacy of herbal thyme as cough medicines (antitusive), sputum shedder (expectorant), and anti-bacterial.

Necessary to cure bronchitis using thyme plants are:

  • Thyme herb 100 mg
  • Sugar 600 mg
  • 400 ml drinking water

Herbal thyme dried under the sun, ground into fine powder and brewed with hot water of 400 ml. Add sugar, stirring until completely dissolved, then filtered and cooled.

Lack of water can be replaced with cold water until a volume of 400 ml again. Drink three times daily one tablespoon (15 ml) until the cough is cured.

In addition to using herbs above, bronchitis sufferers are encouraged to inhale the steam, especially at night. Humid air will facilitate the clearance of phlegm and respiratory launch. Also bronchitis sufferers feet should be soaked in warm water. This will help the congestion in the nose and sinuses. For this purpose, provide the bucket with warm water by half.

Water temperature must be kept warm. Several degrees warmer than the patient’s body temperature, so do not get too hot.

Cover patients with blankets, and put a warm compress on the forehead of the patient to keep warm. If bronchitis actually got worse, call your doctor immediately.

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