Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy

Therapy for prostate cancer confined to the organ, or a local prostate cancer, is usually done by surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or a combination of the three. And we will talk about Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy.

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is only experienced by men, particularly those aged 50 years and over. Male prostate gland which is shaped like beans that served to produce sperm. Gland is a place to live and a source of food for the sperm. Until now has not known for certain what causes the appearance of prostate cancer. But in general, approximately 70% due to the aging factor.

Prostate cancer and hormonal therapy

Prostate cancer and hormonal therapy

Androgen hormone is one type of hormone that is needed in the development of prostate cells, and the development toward benign prostate enlargement or prostate cancer. In addition, diet and genetic factors (presence or absence of families affected by prostate cancer) is also a risk factor.

A fatty food is closely linked to suspected prostate cancer. So that men are encouraged to consume more vegetables, fruits and fiber to reduce the risk of this type of cancer. Fruits such as watermelon, tomatoes, and wine are very good for preventing this disease. Besides garlic, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower as well as vitamin E supplements are also highly recommended, especially for smokers.

Regarding prostate cancer, if it can be detected early, the likelihood of successful treatment will be high.

In the initial phase of this cancer did not show obvious symptoms, and difficult to detect, to spread throughout the prostate. Early detection of cancer can be done through examination of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) or with Digital rectal Exam (DRE). Therapy used in each patient may differ, depending on the type suffered prostate cancer. Is limited to the organ (limited to the gland), continues locally, ie prostate tumors that is large enough, or is a widespread species (metastatic).

For cancer confined to the organ, or local prostate cancer, therapy that usually chosen are surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and combination of other treatments. Note that the therapy is only hinder and slow the growth of cancer cells, rather than to cure.

male reproductive organs

Male prostate gland which is shaped like beans that served to produce sperm

Hormonal Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Therapy advanced-stage prostate cancer typically uses hormonal therapy that aims to reduce testosterone levels in accordance with the kastrasi levels of less than 20 ng / dl (nanograms per deciliter). Hormonal therapy intended to prevent body producing male sex hormones, namely testosterone can stimulate development of prostate cancer cells. Hormonal therapy is often committed in advanced-stage cancer treatment to minimize the size of the cancer and slow the cancer cells development.

Testosterone is one hormone that is reduced when a man entered the andropause stage. As we all know testosterone is androgenic activity (giving effect to the reproductive organs) and anabolic (giving effect to the organ stomachic). That way, the decrease in testosterone levels will affect all related metabolism, such as bone, muscle, central nervous system, prostate, bone marrow and sexual function. Handling can be done in the operative (orchydectomy) or medical therapy.

Side effects

Nevertheless hormone therapy also has side effects such as decreased libido or erectile dysfunction that would interfere with sexual activity. In continuous use, will also cause side effects such as anemia, osteoporosis, blood sugar rises, and several other diseases. This type of cancer is quite unique. If untreated, would cause other problems. but if allowed, it will be more exacerbate patient’s condition. but do not worry, the effects of hormonal therapy can be minimized by giving the drug intermittently (termite). Test results when performed blood levels of PSA in patients in this way will produce the same effectiveness as when the drug is given continuously.

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  1. Niranjan M V says:

    Respected Sir,
    My father is 76 years old, suffering with Prostate Cancer.
    He underwent 6 times chemotherpy in Indo-American Cancer Institute
    Hyderabad City, India.
    After a gap of 30 days the PSA increased to 66.7.

    Unfortunately the didn’t worked out & the doctors prescribed
    Abiraterone tablets 2 in the morning & 2 in the night.
    He is using this since 3 weeks.
    But Still the fluids ( asitis) are removing from stomach like 2.5 to 3.00 litres
    Once in 4/5 days.
    I request your kind selves & want to know how long will
    take the effect of the tablet to control PSA & killing the cancer cells.
    Recently I came to know that soursop fruit is good for cancer cell killings.
    Shall my father can eat this .

    I seek your kind suggestions & advices in this regard.
    Kindly do the needful.
    Thanks & regards.
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