Prostate Cancer Abiraterone Treatment

About prostate problems, EXPECTATIONS prostate cancer to recover seems to be the greater after scientists successfully developed a new drug called Abiraterone. Scientists welcome the enthusiastic attendance prostate cancer abiraterone treatment and found as the most significant progress in this field of cancer treatment during the last 70 years.

According to experts from the Institute of Cancer Research, cancer research center based in the UK who develop Abiraterone, this drug should be proud of as claimed able to treat 80 percent of patients of prostate cancer. This medicine works effectively in a way preventing hormones that trigger the occurrence of cancer.

Institute of Cancer Research hopes a simple pill form Abiraterone will be available in two or three years. Clinical test involving about 1200 patients worldwide are still at this time and will be followed by a number of advanced research at the end of this year.

Prostate cancer disease itself is a type of cancer that most often found among men. Life expectancy after patients undergo chemotherapy are usually not more than 18 months. Experts assume that prostate cancer is also influenced by sex hormones such as testosterone which resulted in the testis. Type of treatment is usual at this time is to stop the testis produce testosterone.

Abiraterone can Cure Prostate Cancer

Abiraterone can Cure Prostate Cancer

However, experts have to find the fact that cancer can also get a sex hormone from many sources, including from the hormones produced from the tumor itself. Here Abiraterone role impede and block hormone production throughout the body.

Research is also published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology this, is the result of the monitoring prostate cancer patients who are aggressive and have been in the stadium go. Patients are given medication Abiraterone research and data collected from all over the world.

Research indicates contraction of the size of tumor in a significant decrease as well have a similar level of protein produced important cancer called Prostate specific antigen in majority patients.

Most of the reported patients show significant progress and improvements in the quality of their lives. Some of them can stop the consumption of morphine for the pain caused by the spread of the disease in their bones.

Want to try natural way? you can consume broccoli to cure prostate cancer, also here the herbal remedy to alley prostate disorders.

Source: BBC

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