Premenstrual Syndrome

Here we will talk about premenstrual syndrome. The coming period is a time that always be expected by most women. When the period came late, it will cause a worry, perhaps something has happened in the body of the woman.

If only a late period, usually for most doctors is not so difficult to overcome. By providing medicines fisher period, the problem can be overcome. But there is one more problem for some women, the time period will appear, will always be accompanied with a sense of fear. If you can, better do not have menses come. Usually 7 to 10 days before menstruation, arising qualm, quick-tempered, easily offended, afraid or nervous feeling excessive, the body weak, flatulence, breast pain, trouble sleeping, decreased appetite, difficulty concentrating.

Menstruation cycle

Menstruation cycle

A husband who does not know anything often being scolded, so often the husband who came to the doctor, told about the difference in the nature of his wife. A complaint mentioned above is an aberration, which is known by the term pre-menstrual syndrome, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD). This difference is found on many women’s reproductive age and the age of menopause. The typical deviation from this is, when the complaint period, and will disappear by itself once the curse come.

The main problem caused by PPMD is interference in the women’s own self and family, loss in the field of industrial and commercial, and in a larger scale is a loss on the national economy. Problems associated with a decrease in work productivity due to increased attendance, activity in the workplace disturbed for 7 to 10 days, and this is the same as the 84 – 120 days per year, and is a loss of personal and social meaning.

The cause of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD) certainly not known until now. Many theories are presented by experts. One is the role of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Generally, the period found the increasing of progesterone hormones, and hormone estrogen decrease. Women look more calm, can do things easily, relaxed, lazy, but according to the excessive work. Once the period appear and 10 days after menstruation, in which the hormone estrogen level increased, women look very active, always want to work, and never to do something quiet. Suspected in a certain degree of estrogen in the blood, occurs cell-stimulation activity brain cells, while hormone activity progesterone pressing the brain cells.

From this information, the woman suspected in the PPMD found estrogen increased rate over the period. Throughout our experience dealing with women’s PPMD, we found increased estrogen level in the menstrual blood. However, apparently not all women with PPMD we found between increased estrogen, so it is suspected that there are other factors involved in the incident premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD).

The estrogen level is high, in addition to triggering cellular activity excessive brain, Retention also cause body fluids, such as the breast, leg, and also in the brain. Women complain breast pain, legs feel heavy, headache and excessive, and sometimes convulsions can occur. Strain-a strain of menstruation is often diagnosed as epilepsy, so that not infrequently given drug anti-convulsive medication.

Because it is caused by a high estrogen level, is then treated with the anti-estrogen hormones. anti-estrogen hormone that is famous progesterone. Progesterone usually given with a dose of 10 mg / day, from day-to-16 to 25 menstrual cycles. To remove the fluid from the body network, a diuretic drugs can be given until the next menstruation. Then very low salt diet is recommended.

menstrual cycle

menstrual cycle

Need to realize that the treatment with the hormone progesterone take a long time, so patience is required from the woman. Side effects caused by progesterone very little. Progesterone type is the recommended type of natural progesterone, such as didrogesterone, or medroksi progesterone acetate (MPA), because this type of hormones have anti depression property. The type of synthetic progesterone exactly causes a depression (light).

In the situation that the increased of hormone estrogen is not found, or no response to the treatment with progesterone, the adults, especially in developed countries, given antidepressant drugs. One of the popular antidepressant on PPMD is fluoxetine hydrochloride. When the progesterone and antidepressant also does not provide permanent results, it is necessary to search predisposes factors, which could be possible the woman nervous system, such as stress, conflict in the family, or in the workplace.

menstruation hormone

Menstruation Hormone

Lately this has been attempted treatment with a whole way of ovarian function, namely by using the Gn-RH, analog, and the result is much better, when compared with the progesterone only. But just how this treatment is relatively expensive, and can cause complaints such as menopause in women, so that during the Gn-RH-analogue should be given additional hormones estrogen and progesterone.

In the UK have tried the estrogen implant, combined with a tablet progesterone, and with this treatment, 2 / 3 of women with PPMD can be cured.

Simple and inexpensive way to deal with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PPMD) is a combination of contraceptive pills, or pills that only contain progesterone components only.

Source: Kompas Online, Monday, 10 January 2005

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