What is the Best Flexible Tripod for Backpacking

adding a tripod to your traveling gear
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For those who like to capture the best moments during vacation, the presence of a tripod would be the best supporting tool of choice. For the traveler especially the backpacker, carrying a tripod is the most annoying, because sometimes the tripod makes the bag becomes full. One of the most important things to consider when choosing flexible tripod stand to accompany the tour is a short and lightweight. In addition to the matter of weight and dimensions, the supporting features become special points in choosing a tripod for this traveling. Read More…

Choosing a Mirrorless Camera for Traveling

best mirrorless camera for travel beginners
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The question of many people today is, do I need a mirrorless camera? If you are a photographer who photographed a lot in the studio and model, you need more high-end cameras to work. but if you are Travel Photographer and Travel blogger, or hobies who like to take pictures and walk during vacation. then the mirrorless camera fits with you. Short enough to put in the camera travel bag.  Mirrorless camera is a digital camera that began popular in 2008, has a similar shape DSLR camera, but with a smaller size and lightweight and do not use the mirror to look more concise. Mirrorless camera can be positioned as a combination of the superiority of the quality of DSLR camera photos with the practicality of a pocket camera. Because of that advantages then this compact mirrorless camera is chosen by the traveler to document their journey. Read More…

Royalty Free Images Sources

Royalty Free Images Sources
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What is Royalty Free Image?

Royalty free means you are not required to pay a royalty each time you use an image. When images are offered royalty-free, this simply means that the purchaser pays a fee and can then use the image without paying additional royalties or licensing fees. This also means the purchaser doesn’t have to give attribution. This is the model used by paid stock photo sites. Generally, royalty free images are images that are available under a non-transferable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, multiple-use sub-license. Read More…

Street Photography

Street photography
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Street Photography is the flow of photography, who prefer the subject (point of interest) in the public sphere (public places).
Public space in question is a street in broad terms, that means including all objects, the space around it, for example in cafes, malls, markets, parks, and so on. Point of interest (subject) which is in the public sphere can not be separated from the course, but other things that are often located in public spaces, such as events, objects (element), the weather, shadows, and so on. Street Photography is realized very differently and the art style is mostly a mixture of history and up-to-date elements. The goal of street photography is to capture scenes unaffected by the author of the work so as to show a natural story and subject. Story and subject are possibly the most important aspects of a good street shot. Read More…

Camera Shutter Count

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camera shutter
camera shutter – credit to canon5dtips.com

Know the number Shutter Count it is important for those who have a digital camera because by knowing how much Shutter Count  from your camera then you will also know the age of your camera.

The shutter count is the number of pictures that a camera has already taken. Also known as actuations. The number is important with used cameras because the shutter blades are delicate mechanical parts, subject to wear & tear. [1] Read More…