Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy

Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy – Fertility problems in women’s often associated with the cyst. In fact, there is a presumption that a person infected ovarian cysts in the ovarium (ovary) will be difficult pregnancy.

Opinion that it is not entirely correct because, in general, cyst is benign, has a small size, and does not affect fertility. However, the cyst could have been dangerous when become large.

ovarian cyst

ovarian cyst

A cyst is a neoplasm or a growth of new cells that wild. Cyst can be a risk if its neoplasm is malignant and can lead to cancer ovary, a woman can pregnant with a cyst. Moreover woman has a pair of ovary there. If one ovary does not work, there is still one that pregnancy can still occur. Thus, the large cyst can disrupt pregnancy, not fertility.

The cyst has a diameter of more than 5 cm, and it can twist during the pregnancy. As a result, the cyst broken and cause great pain. When it happened, continued, can be neurotic and can lead to embolism to death. That’s why the large cyst must be appointed in order not to disrupt and can be diagnosed by pathology. With the diagnosis can be known whether the cyst is benign or malignant.

The type of cyst

Cyst form of coating. There are liquids that contain condensed, and not the thick, that is dermoid. Dermoid cyst comes from the ectodermic element so that its cells similar to skin, that is flat epitel cells, also appear hair folikel, sweat glands, sometimes elements of bone. The potential to become a malignant dermoid cyst is relatively small, only about 1-3%.

However, the disease that often disrupts fertility and being misunderstand as the cyst is endometriosis. Endometriosis is a form of a cyst, because it is often called a cyst. Actually, cyst is a neoplasm, while endometriosis having a form as an abnormally gland of womb wall that grow outside the womb. Generally, endometriosis affect fertility and a woman can be shaped as a cyst in the ovary.

ovarian cyst can causes negative impact to the fetus

ovarian cyst can causes negative impact to the fetus

Endometriosis cyst disrupts fertility because mechanically, it can lead to adhesion. The existence of adhesion process ovum pick-up (ovulation), making it difficult arrested by fimbriea (peak of fallopian tube). As a result, difficult fertilization occurred.

In addition, the endometriosis cyst existence, by means of immunologist, fertility also hampered because the immunity reactions, naturally disrupt the function of the ovum cells, sperm and embryo.

If left, it will be more severe endometriosis, and women generally difficult pregnancy. According to the survey, 40% of women who have difficulty in pregnancy are known to have a endometriosis in their womb.

For that, continued, laparoscopy surgery is needed. Following the surgery, 70% of women with mild endometriosis (stadium 1 and 2) can return to normal pregnancy. In severe endometriosis (stadium 3 and 4) will be difficult for pregnant naturally although it has cured, except by way of artificial insemination or a “test tube” baby.

Although the ovarian cysts did not disrupt fertility, It is recommend to always perform a review of early ultrasonografic (USG) detection. Because, there is a possibility that neoplasm cyst was malignant and can lead to ovary cancer. As is known, ovary cancer is the number three of cancer that cause women death, after breast cancer and cancers of the mouth of uterus. If there ovary cancer, there is the possibility of reproductive organs such as ovary or the uterus must be removed so that pregnancy can not occur.

When asked whether the cyst is disrupt, ovarian cysts in ovary and the vagina is not disrupt the sexual relationship of husband and wife. While that is located outside or in the vulva, can disrupt. Moreover, if there is inflammation, it can cause pain. But the endometriosis cyst can disrupt sexual life because it wills arise soreness during sexual intercourse.

Source: Media Indonesia Online, Wednesday, 24 August 2005

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