Monstrosity Bike

You would agree that the folding bike is famous for its funny and weird. Some of the most oddly named Monstrosity Bike. Weird bike is owned by Richard Loncraine bike collector.

Monstrosity Bike is a half body bike which is changed from the shape intact. With the rear wheel remains the same but the front is removed. The result is a bike becomes Small and petite, maybe like folding bike. Because the riders need good balance, the bike is not paired tooth removal.  There is (hopefully) a fixed gear(there are no brakes on it, we didn’t find it) to keep the bike in a stable speed and has no toe-clips on the pedals. It looks like an already-folded folding bike.

To ride this bike needs a good balance skills. Not easy to do anything else if used for everyday transportation needs. But for style, I give two thumbs up.

Monstrosity Bike Richard Loncraine

Richard Loncraine

I suggest you better buy a normal bike, if you want a bike. Do not choose that bike, because this obviously not used by people generally.

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