Menstrual Cycle Quitting Smoking on Woman

Menstrual Cycle Quitting Smoking on Woman – A research conducted by scientists from the University of Minnesota, United States of America recently found a new way to stop the smoking habit in women, with attention to their monthly menstrual cycle. Research involving 200 women revealed that compared with other times, the success to stop the smoking habit will be more show results if done long before the ovulation come.

Of course, this is good news for women who are currently trying desperately to stop the smoking addiction that is harmful to their health.

Menstrual Cycle Helping woman from Smoking Addiction

Menstrual Cycle Helping woman from Smoking Addiction

In a study of 408 women, those who smoked at least 20 cigarettes a day were four times more likely to have menstrual cycles of less than 25 days than nonsmokers. Women who smoked 10 or more cigarettes a day were more than twice as likely to have irregular menstrual cycles than women who did not smoke. This means that smokers’ periods were often unpredictable – a difference that can mean inconvenience because of an unexpected period or cause fear over a possible unplanned pregnancy. In addition, variable menstrual cycles make it harder to plan a pregnancy because it is harder for a woman to tell when she is most fertile, researchers said. The study also suggested that women who smoked heavily were more likely than nonsmokers to have a menstrual cycle in which no egg was released from the ovaries.

By the researchers, the respondents are asked to stop smoking before the menstruation period and during the fertile time after menstruation. For each stage in the period, the researchers saw differences hormone produced by the body of the respondents.

The result, after a 30-day trial, as much as 86% of women who start to stop smoking, began to surrender when they come nearly the menstruation period. Meanwhile, 66% of respondents had stopped smoking start again on smoking habits during the fertile time after menstruation. With this result, researchers believe that in the period before and after menstruation desire to enjoy the nicotine to be greater than the other times.

The researchers believe that hormones inside the women body have an important role in accelerating nicotine removing from blood. All this time, that nicotine which causes someone addicted. And the hormones in the women body that can clean this nicotine. Unfortunately, the body hormonal is different to each woman that is also determine the success of this,” said spokesperson for the research on

Quitting Smoking Tips for Women

Time your quitting to coincide with the end of your period. Research suggests that women who stop smoking 15 days after or before menstruating have more success than those who quit in the latter half of their cycle. The idea that PMS aggravates withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability and depression, may not be a surprise to those who suffer from the monthly malady. But if quitting by the calendar ups the odds of success, it’s certainly worth a shot.

According to Dr. Perkins, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, the differences in symptoms could be due to the menstrual cycle’s hormonal changes and their influence on mood. Negative mood due to cycle phase combined with tobacco withdrawal could make sustained quitting very difficult.

“One implication of these results is that younger women preparing to quit smoking should select a quit day early in their menstrual cycle to minimize withdrawal symptoms and depression,” said Dr. Perkins. “This simple behavioral strategy for timing the quit day may decrease negative mood effects of cessation at no cost or risk of adverse side effects to the smoker.

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