Manjakani – Herbal to Tighten Vaginal Muscles

Tighten Vaginal Muscles – Compared with betel leaf, manjakani is relatively less known. Though this plant is also believed to produce health care, clean female sex organs to avoid vagina infections and eliminate the odor, clean fragrance and abrasive, raise self-confidence to intimacy husband-wife relationship.

Many women asked whether in such cases they can restore their vaginal tightness. Or, is there a home remedy for vaginal rejuvenation?

Yes, there is. Although it is not 100% like you’re virgin, but you can still get that condition which almost ‘similar’ results. In fact, those successful achieve those targets said “this is even better” than when they were young. Caring for organ intimate with natural ingredients actually been done since ancient times. The most popular is by cooking the betel leaves and use it`s water to remove  vaginal discharge. Actually there is another ingredient to keep the intimate organs, namely Manjakani (oak galls). traditionally by the Arabs, Iran, China, India, and the Malays. It is believed that Manjakani has been used since 2725 BC by the ancient Egypt. Although many grew up in Indonesia, yet many manjakani plants known to the public.

About Manjakani

manjakani as vagina tightening pills

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For centuries, plants have another name Mecca Manjakani has used for drugs

Manjakani or “Oak galls” comes from oak trees indigenous to Asia Minor and Persia. They are produced when the leaves of the oak tree (Quercus infectoria) are penetrated by stinging Wasps. The spontaneous chemical reaction caused by the penetration stimulates the leaves to produce a roundish hard ball called an oak gall. The galls, which contain tannins and small amounts of gallic acid and ellagic acid have antimicrobial qualities and are used in Malaysia by women after childbirth to restore the elasticity of the uterine wall. It is called Majuphal in India, where it has been used as dental powder and as a treatment for Toothache and gingivitis. [1]

Manjakani is one of the most powerful astringent herbs known. Its strong astringent properties aid in tightening and firming up the muscles of the vaginal wall, restoring elasticity, improving muscles tone and also assisting in reducing vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) that can cause bad odor. In addition, it also contains natural antiseptic properties that are effective in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infections – the main cause of itching and unpleasant odor in the intimate area. that have showed in several studies like a study archived in the Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 2012, 11:11. Manjakani is also an excellent antioxidant for countering the aging process.

According to experts herbal and traditional medicine, Prof. Dr. Hembing Wijayakusuma, Manjakini can also clean fungi and bacteria in the vaginal area. “Manjakani actually better because it can handle the excess fluid in the vagina,” she said.

Frequent bacterial or fungal infections and the use of harsh soaps can cause discoloration (darkening) of the delicate skin in the intimate area. Manjakani helps to maintain the natural color of this area. It also contains unique antioxidant properties that are effective in reducing melanin formation and preventing discoloration.

Manjakani Tighten Vaginal Muscles

Manjakani / Oak Gall known “herbal magic” contains rich in tannins to tighten vaginal muscles, vitamins A and C, calcium, protein, and contain astringent element to eliminate the bacteria that causes vaginal discharge, and increase density. Safe to drink and free of side effects due to Natural. Consumption of Oak Gall over time will totally rejuvenate your vagina, and help prevent further vaginal aging which results from childbearing, your age, your sexual partners over the years, and overall health.

Manjakani extract not only known to help tighten the vaginal muscles, reducing the discharge and reduce the liquid, but also can help vaginal dryness, “says Prof. Dr. Hembing Wijayakusuma.

According to Hembing, the use of old manjakani usually crushed and screened before applied in female organs. There is also a manjakani medicinal drink to increase the vagina elasticity (Mis V area). However, continued Hembing, Manjakani materials could be used just like that, because they have to be formulated first, mixed with other ingredients in accordance with the purpose of treatment.

Here are Some Benefits Manjakani [2]

  • Restore the elasticity of female sex organs (tighten Miss V muscles)
  • Eliminate itching, vaginal dischage and unpleasant odor.
  • Preventing premature aging
  • Stabilizing the acidic pH and reduces the liquid (wet) excessive (not dried).
  • Improving the hormone estrogen
  • Improve intimate organs and inner power.
  • Organizing and cleaning the uterus (after maternity / period)
  • Smooth digestion so that the Chapter smoothly.
  • Prevent Cancer and Breast Cancer Cervix.
  • Treating stomach ulcers and reduce cellulite.

Oak Gall Recipe, How to make it?

While it safe from almost adverse effects, it also easy to make for self-treatment. Here is a tip to make a home remedy for tightening your vaginal walls. [3]

  • Boil 3 pieces of oak galls with 2 cups of water until the water turns into dark brown.
  • Use the water to wash the vagina. Do it everyday.
  • Take an oak gall. Put it in boiling rice. If the rice has dried, take the fruit and cut into small pieces while still soft. Eat it with the rice.
  • Boil oak gall. Drink boiled water.

This is not only good to tighten the vagina, but also good for slimming and youthful.

However, oak goal should not be consumed by pregnant woman.

Herbal Condom

Manjakani now savor the fruit has been applied in the men used condoms when having sex. The use of extracts in the form of condom Manjakani this guy is a new breakthrough. So far, plants have the original name Mecca Manjakani used only as a traditional medicine by the Arabs, Iran, China, India, and the Malays.

Thanks to technology, the fruit extract is taken manjakani then formulated in condom lubricants. In this way, manjakani extract can be absorbed directly by the female sex organs when exposed, which in turn will provide greater satisfaction and intimacy.

“With manjakani condom use, both parties expected the same when it comes to getting satisfaction. Manjakani extract not only known to help tighten the vaginal muscles, reducing the discharge and reduce the liquid, but also can help vaginal dryness,” said Prof. herbal expert. Dr. Hembing Wijayakusuma, in Jakarta, Friday (6 / 6).

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