Hypnobirthing – When Normal Childbirth no longer Scary

Hypnobirthing is a good news for pregnant women, because it allow childbirth to be comfortable. As we know, for a mother, giving birth is actually a happy event. But more often heralded just feeling great pain in childbirth is a normal (spontaneous). Although the pain was more of an assumption or myth, many prospective mothers fear of childbirth are normal.

What is Hypnobirthing

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Hypnobirthing came from words, hypnotic and birthing. Hypnobirthing is a delivery methode using hypnosis (a positive suggestion that is given to pregnant woman who already delivery). It makes the process of natural childbirth to be comfortable and not intimidating. It does not mean pregnant women will be hypnotized to fall asleep or unconscious during childbirth itself. However, hypnosis is used is a positive suggestion of planting method when the brain has been in relaxed conditions.

Actually, this delivery way was introduced by an expert gynecologic Dr.Grantly Dic-Read, Childbirth Without books through Fear, written in 1944. Hypnobirthing further therapy was developed by Marie F. Mongan founder of the Hypnobirthing Institute.

Should we try this method?

Majority women assume that childbirth is a natural process and is causing pain. However, many women feel the pain is actually worse than that has been influenced by a sense of panic and stress. Moreover, all the women in the world to grow up poisoned with knowledge of natural childbirth was very ill.

Consequently the concept emerged fear-tension-pain (fear-tension-pain), in which a strain of fear or panic that causes the muscles become stiff and eventually cause pain. Similar symptoms psychosomatic (physical disorder that arises is mainly due to psychological factors).

Childbirth will run easily and comfortably if the mother relax, do not worry, fear, and panic. Because if panic endorphin production in the body that serves to make the body feel comfortable going to unobstructed.

Indeed, approaching to delivery there is contraction or muscle tension. Of course it hurt. This contraction is useful and helpful mother and help push the baby to find a way out. If the mother strain, the birth canal instead become rigid, making babies is also difficult to get out. If the mother’s tense, rigid, and have clear contraction increasingly uncomfortable. Because pain.

It is best to follow the pressure while pushing the baby’s head. The process of delivery is faster and convenient. If the mother or the many screaming hysterically screaming, just throw a lot of energy.

Hypnobirthing and Relaxation exercises

One example of a simple exercise: from head to foot muscles are made to relax, relax way. Then continued with his breath slowly. Her eyes focused on one spot on the ceiling that make the mother’s eyes closed, listening to music that supports the relaxed atmosphere.
That relaxing the conditions include a positive program. Say to myself slowly and consciously, I and my baby will grow up healthy. And when delivery I will face it peacefully. This exercise is carried out continuously until the eve of birth.

Hypnobirthing involves deep relaxation, slow breathing patterns and ways of releasing endorphins in the body that allows expectant mothers to enjoy a safe delivery, soft, fast, and without the surgery.

This therapy teaches women to understand and release the fear-tension-pain syndrome that often causes great pain and discomfort during the birth process.

A mother, who has advance skills of hypnobirthing, will has both verbally and visually on the natural ability to follow an ideal natural way to give birth.

The mother trusted her instincts, that the body was created to work in a synchronized rhythm when the baby out into the world. Because the mother was able to communicate with the infant mind to work together in the process of birth into the world. Come on son, you are smart, you help you push out.

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