How to Calculate Your Fertile Period

How to calculate your fertile period is not difficult. You can calculate yourself using the calendar system. This is a natural or natural that is used when you have a regular menstrual cycle. But it it will be a different chase, and quite difficult for woman with irregular menstrual cycle.

Using menstruation calendar

Okay, at first, try to record your menstrual cycle in the last 3 months in succession (on the first day of menstruation). And should the woman with a cycle that is not regularly menstruation be difficult to assess the fertile period in this way.

The calculation is based on the fertile period or when the ovulation going on to 14 of the next menstruation come reduce 2 days because sperm can live for 48 hours after ejaculation and added 2 days because the ovum cells can live 24 hours after ovulation.

Calculate Your Fertile Period

Calculate Your Fertile Period

So, for example if your menstrual cycle is 28 days and final period fall at date 1st, the next month menstruation period will fall at date of 28th. Thus, the estimated of your ovulation time, that is in the middle of the menstrual period that is 14. So, are on the fertile period around the date of 12th to 16th.

By measure the increasing of the body temperature rate.

body temperature usually increases in the time and after ovulation because of the influence of progesterone hormones.

By estimate the mucus of womb.

Estrogen hormone reaches to peak at the ovulation time and influence the mucus and the womb. Come close to ovulation time, the womb’s mucus usually be quite watery and when you touch with two fingers it will form to like a transparent yarn.

Hearing ovulation test tool

Now day, you can buy the test tool to predict fertile period or ovulation in the pharmacy or drug store. The tool works with this test measures the level of LH hormone, which is produced during ovulation. This tool is used as a pregnancy test, but of course, it costs more expensive.

Knowing when your fertile period, which can help you plan to have children and also at the same time as a method of family planning or contraceptives that are natural for who that want to delay a pregnancy, do not perform sexual intercourse during fertile times.

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