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You have suffered or are suffering from hemorrhoids? It was certainly very irritating, because it can interfere with our activities everyday. Make us a hard time sitting, or when to defecate. Centella asiatica is a lot of wild plants grow in plantations, fields, roadside, and rice dikes. These plants come from tropical regions of Asia, spread in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, India, China, Japan and Australia and then spread to many other countries. in Indonesia, this plant is also often referred to as Pegagan, daun Kaki Kuda and Antanan. This article will talk about this herb, primarily related to its usefulness as a hemorrhoids natural treatment.

What is Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are formed due to the enlargement or swelling of venous blood vessels in the mucous membranes in the anus or the surrounding skin. Hemorrhoids may swell and become painful if the surface exposed to friction or if in it the formation of blood clots. Sometimes hemorrhoids can cause mucus and the feeling that there is content that has not been issued rectum. Itching in the anal region is not a symptom of hemorrhoids. The itching may occur because it is difficult to maintain cleanliness in the area is painful.

Here are some herbal remedies that is used as hemorrhoids natural treatment


Zingiber cassumunar

Zingiber cassumunar (credit to http://en.wikipedia.org)

Zingiber Purpureum Roxb (Bangle)

Zingiber purpureum Roxb has another name Zingiber cassumunar, Roxb. These plants included in the family Zingiberaceae. Its rhizome is very effective to cure hemorrhoids. This herb shed the fat good for launch expenses feces.

According to wikipedia: Cassumunar ginger: Zingiber cassumunar, now thought to be a synonym of Zingiber montanum (J.König) Link ex A.Dietr., is a species of plant in the ginger family and is also a relative of galangal. It is called plai (ไพล) in Thailand, in addition to (ว่านไฟ wan-fai) in Isan language and (ปูเลย bpulai) in Northern Thai language. The rhizome of variant Roxburgh is used medicinally in massage and even in food in Thailand, and somewhat resembles ginger root or galangal. In aromatherapy, plai oil is utilized as an essential oil that is believed to ease pain and inflammation.

Chemical Ingredients: Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Rhizome distinctive aromatic smell, taste slightly bitter and somewhat spicy. Fever (anti piretik), laxative fart (carminative), expectorant, blood purifier, laxative (laksan), de-worming (vermifuge). contents Chemistry: Rhizome: essential oil (cineol, pinen), resin, starch, tannin.

Pharmacological effects: carminative, anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, antipyretic

Using herbal remedies to cure hemorrhoids bangle, by the way, take 1/2 rhizome fingers bangle, washed and sliced. 1 GLS boiled with water until the remaining 1/2 glass, strain and drink the water.

Centella Asiatica (Pegagan)

pegagan (Cetella asiatica), a herbal remedy to cure migraine

pegagan (Cetella asiatica), a herbal remedy to cure migraine

Centella asiatica with simplisia name Centella Herba, contains of asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmic acid, brahminoside, madasiatic acid, meso-inositol, centelloside, carotenoids, hydrocotylin, vellarine, tannins and mineral salts such as potassium, sodium, magnesium , calcium and iron. Triterpenoida glycosides allegedly called asiaticoside an antilepra and as an extraordinary external wounds drug. Vellarine existing substances giving a bitter taste.(pegagan – wikipedia)

Pegagan (Centella asiatica) leaves believed to produce better cell regeneration to overcome the wounds caused by hemorrhoids
Chemical compounds that are owned Asiaticoside, thankunside, isothankunside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmic acid, madasiatic acid, meso-inosetol, centellose, carotenoids, salt K, Na, Ca, Fe, vellarine, Tatin, mucilago, resin, pectin, sugar, vitamin B

Pharmacological effects: its sweet and cool, anti-infective, anti-toxins, fever, asiaticoside and vellarine.

To treat hemorrhoids using herbal treatments as follows:


  • Centella asiatica 2-3 tree (roots, stems and leaves)
  • 2 cups water

How to make:
After being washed clean, boiled until boiling. Strain when cool and drink 2 times a day each glass. Do it until the disease completely cured.

Sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata)

Andrographis paniculata (credit to: http://detail.en.china.cn)

Andrographis paniculata (credit to: https://detail.en.china.cn)

Andrographis paniculata  has other names such as Sambiloto (Indonesia), Chuan xin lian, yi jian xi, Ian he lian (China), tam xuyen lien; cong cong (Vietnam). kirata, mahatitka (India / Pakistan); Creat, Green chiretta, halviva, kariyat (UK).

Andrographis Paniculata is crucial for hemorrhoid sufferers. This plant is anti-inflammatory, useful for preventing and overcoming inflammation due to hemorrhoids. Andrographis Paniculata helps with disorders in which easy bowel movements with a loose stool are desirable (patients with anal fissures,hemorrhoids, following anal/rectal surgery, during pregnancy). Andrographis Paniculata decreases the passage time of the bowel content through an increase in the volume of the stool.

The chemical constituents of A. paniculata that have been identified include the diterpene lactones (Tang & Eiserbrand, 1992) and flavonoids (Zhu & Liu, 1984; Kuroyanagi et al., 1987). 14-deoxyandrographolide (DA, C20H30O4, plate crystal from methanol) and 14-deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographolide (DDA, C20H28O4, needle crystal from methanol) are two main diterpenoids isolated from A. paniculata (Balmain et al., 1973). DDA has hydroxyl, alpha, beta-unsaturated-gamma-lactone and exo-methylene groups in its chemical structure (Matsuda et al., 1994). This is very similar to that of DA, with the exception of a double bond at C-11 and 12 (Fig. 2).

Take sambiloto leaf and enough water, pulverized or brewed, 1 times a day taken 1 / 4 cup. If the potion is made seduhan (to boil water for drinking) then taken 1 time a day each100 ml.


Papaya juice (so much pleasure can be mixed with lime juice, ground cinnamon or honey)

Papaya fruit has always believed to be able to overcome interference hemorrhoids. Papaya contains papain enzymes fiber and good for digestion, brakes appetite, prevent constipation and accelerate wound healing. Drink it every day in the evening

Use one of herbal hemorrhoids treatment above regularly every day, to cure this disease naturally.

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