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Stroke First Aid

Stroke is an acute neurological injury. A stroke occurs when there’s bleeding into your brain or when normal blood flow to your brain is blocked. It may be due to blood clot (ischemic) or bleeding (hemorrhagic) Leads to stoppage of blood supply to a part of brain. Within minutes of being deprived of essential nutrients, brain cells start dying — a process that may continue over the next several hours. Oxygen supply is decreased This initiates ‘ischemic cascade’-causes brain cell death/damage. This results in a cerebral stroke

A stroke is a true emergency. The sooner treatment is given, the more likely it is that damage can be minimized.

Stroke first aid
Stroke first aid

Stroke signs

The symptoms of stroke are distinct because they happen quickly. Make Sure You Can Recognize Stroke and Act Quickly [1]

  • Sometimes a stroke is caused by a burst blood vessel when the internal bleeding in the skull causes pressure on brain tissue.
  • At first, the patient may have a severe headache, but it can lead to paralysis down one side of the body and even the loss of the ability to speak.
  • Occasionally a person may have a minor stroke in which there is weakness down one side of the
    body and/or loss of speech for a few minutes only. This is called a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and is usually followed by a full recovery.
  • Other attacks may happen later and a major stroke may occur at any time.

(Expenditure of blood from the tip of the finger and the tip of the ear as a stroke first aid).

One of the best ways to provide first aid to people whom get a stroke, but the attack does not cause side effects.

Stroke First Aid

Here is some help and some things to note:

As is known, people who get the stroke, the smooth blood vessel of his brain have split on the slow progress. In such circumstances, facing this, do not need to panic but remain calm. If unconscious and breathing normally, or if not fully alert, place the patient on their side in a supported position. But if not, the patient must remain on the place where he fell back (like in the bathroom, bedroom, etc.) and not to move, because movement of the people of the place he fell to another place will speed up the split process of smooth blood vessel in the brain.

People should be assisted to take the position that sits well in order not to fall again, at the time, expenditure of blood can be done best by using the syringe, but if not available then the sewing needle can be used. But all must be sterilized before the end of the road with the other hand is burned / heated on fire for some time.

After the needle ready, do pricking to the 10 of fingertip, transfixion point is about 1 cm from the fingertips of each finger end just get one bite of each finger in the hope that removing the 1 drop of blood. Expenditure of blood from the tip of the finger can also be assisted with a squeeze if the blood not out when the finger pierced, in a period of approximately 10 minutes and then the patient will regain consciousness.

When the mouth of the stroke sufferer looked oblique, the second lobe of the patient must be drawn up to pull-reddish color, then do it 2 times transfixion at each end of the helix so the blood will come out as much as 2 drops from each end of the helix. In just a few minutes form the mouth of the sufferer will become normal again. After the patient to recover the situation and there is no taste difference, which means, then take the patient to the doctor or hospital for further help.

It is important for the patient to be assessed as soon as possible because treatment must be started within 1 to 2 hours if a clot is present in the brain. First action above can help and rescuing the sufferer, but if the patient dropped suddenly because of stroke attack, and hurriedly transported to the hospital or to a doctor in order to get help, but that does not considered that shocks and shakes in the vehicle during travel can expedite the bleeding process in the brain, in the end the life of the sufferer can not be saved.

In order the disease list of causes of death, stroke (brain haemorrhage) occupies the second place, the most lucky stroke patient will be physical defect for lifelong. This is a loss for the community and country, while due to more attacks from the stroke is very chilling. Therefore people should know about the stroke first aid by expenditure of blood from the tip of the finger and the tip of the ear.

Stroke Recovery

Stroke Relapse Prevention and Family Role

Most stroke occurs when blood can not reach a part of the brain. At the time of the flow of blood to the brain has stopped, or stops the brain cells in the brain that may be damaged and may die. Brain function to control movement of the body, feelings, thoughts and actions or behavior.

The influence or the things that happen on the stroke, here are several conditions that occur in stroke:

  • Weakness, paralysis or paralysis on one body part.
  • Speak disorder
  • Movement of the rigid body or a balance disturbance.
  • Not knowing what is happening on the one hand the body.
  • Swallow difficulty.
  • Having problems to urinate (urination system) and defecate
  • Changes in vision or poor vision.
  • Anesthetized
  • Disturbance in the self-care

What is stroke rehabilitation?

Stroke rehabilitation is a very important part of recovery efforts on post-stroke patients. Rehabilitation can help stroke patients post-stroke that is in many ways to build strength, coordination, stamina or resilience and confidence. In the rehabilitation of stroke patients will learn a few things such as how to move, speak, think and how to perform self-care.

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help people learn how to do things that are usually done before the stroke.

stroke conditions

Doctor who will determine whether you need to do a post-stroke rehabilitation or not. And if it needs to be done stroke rehabilitation efforts, the doctor will also determine what type of the best rehabilitation for the patient and make the most of post-stroke patients who get better. How quickly and a lot of changes to the repairs depending on how severe the stroke occurred.

Stroke rehabilitation begins immediately after the attack and stroke end or the condition of the body stable. The increasing that occurred simultaneously with the occurrence of healing in the brain.

Stroke Relapse

People need to be careful because if you already had experienced the stroke patients have a higher risk for stroke re-emerged on the other, particularly first years after the first occurrence of stroke.

Tips to reduce the incidence of stroke risk in retrial

Post-stroke patients have a high risk of stroke occurrence of another (the second stroke), if people have a smoking habit, alcohol drinker, high blood pressure (hypertension), high Cholesterol, diabetes, or diabetes and Obesity or excess body weight (overweight).

The risk factors below are also factors that can increase the risk for the occurrence of stroke such as advanced heart failure, transient ischemic attack or TIA is often called the MINI OR Stroke.

Does not arise so that the stroke test results

  • Perform routine checks to doctors so that doctors and patients can work together to improve the health of patients.
  • If people with smoker, stop smoking habits will be very helpful.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Control high blood pressure to remain in or near the limit of normal
  • Cholesterol control in order to remain in or near the limit of normal
  • If people with diabetes, control the blood sugar to remain in or near the limit of normal.
  • Do sports activities regularly 4-6 times a week for 30-60 minutes.

Post-stroke depression

Emotional changes can occur in people with stroke due to the occurrence of injury in the brain and loss of function of the brain is damaged. After a stroke sufferer may be feeling up and down more quickly before the occurrence of stroke and / or patient can experience post-stroke depression. People may be crying with the sudden stop crying with a dab suddenly get a laugh without a clear reason.

People may be difficulty in controlling their emotion post-stroke seizures, usually this will take significantly over time and can understand if people will get post-stroke depression, feel sad and frustrated. Feeling-the feeling is SATUI part because of the condition changes with the stroke they suffered.

Steer the car on post-stroke

Driving provides a feeling of freedom and does not depend on the patient and may have the desire to drive your own car to recover from post-stroke. However, stroke may influence the movement, vision, thought and also the ability to communicate. Reaction someone post-stroke seizures may also be decreased. People should think very carefully to the changes that could affect the safety of themselves and the safety of others.

Discuss this with your doctor and the doctor will decide when you can drive your own car safely for yourself and others. Contact the department of motor vehicles licensed pilot and ask what are the rules that must be met to be able to drive a motor vehicle on a post-stroke. One post-stroke may be made about how the driving assessment, instructions and directions to modify the vehicle will be used and so on. Driving training program is usually available on post-stroke rehabilitation center.

The role of the family to help the recovery of someone they love from stroke

If your family is a sufferer of post-stroke, you should provide support for recovery and rock. Visit the people that you love at home sick or on the stroke rehabilitation center. If people have problems and disturbances in speaking, talk to the experts talk therapy how you can help it. You can relax with the members of your family play with the cards, see the television, listening to the radio or play a game together.

Some of the stroke rehabilitation offer classes to the people who survived from the stroke and also for their families. Check and, if allowed to go to classes in rehabilitation. This is a good way to learn how the rehabilitation work and how to help people who have loved your health condition better.

Push and help your family members learn practical skills in rehabilitation. Make sure that the rehabilitation staff suggest activities that match the needs and interests people. Ask the staff to handle rehabilitation, whether the activity or activities that can be done alone, what can he do with the help of others and what can be done or not done sufferer.

Avoid doing things that can be done by the people. The confidence will cause the trust to do their own activities without assistance. In addition to the care provided in patients with good food and a healthy diet, adequate rest and give enough time to do the things that make them happy.

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