Hypnobirthing – When Normal Childbirth no longer Scary

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Hypnobirthing is a good news for pregnant women, because it allow childbirth to be comfortable. As we know, for a mother, giving birth is actually a happy event. But more often heralded just feeling great pain in childbirth is a normal (spontaneous). Although the pain was more of an assumption or myth, many prospective mothers fear of childbirth are normal. Read More…

Artificial sweeteners and Pregnancy

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When women are pregnant, there are lots of food and beverages to be consumed in doubt. Because of fear of food or beverages are harmful to the fetus was conceived. And what about soda? Can be consumed during pregnancy?

Drink diet soda during pregnancy is still a debate that has not been established whether allowed or not. Because of these drinks contain artificial sweeteners different, some use an artificial sweetener that is safe for pregnant women but there are also dangerous for pregnant women. Read More…

TORCH Pregnant Women

TORCH pregnat women
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TORCH pregnant women is an acronym of some infectious diseases would be dangerous innate to the fetus when a pregnant woman suffered. TORCH can cause babies born with physical defect even causes miscarriage. These diseases can easily infect the fetus in the womb of a mother who was pregnant. Disease that is part of the TORCH consists of several viruses and bacteria. Read More…

Pregnancy Sleep Position Tips

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Many factors can cause pregnant women have trouble sleeping. Mostly, these are the result of anxiety and stress, hormonal fluctuations, and physical discomfort. However, it is not allowed. During pregnancy, mothers often suffer from confusion to determine a safe sleeping position for not impact fetal development. When in fact it is not necessary, because women’s bodies were created so unique so as to provide protection to the fetus in the womb. Read More…