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Menopause Symptoms

menopause symptom
Menopause symptoms can vary in every woman

Don’t be worry when you enters menopause. Face it gracefully, and smiling will make a better mood. So what is menopause? It is the time when menstruation ceases in women due to aging.

By the way, the signs that precedes actual menopause in women is not only limited to cessation of the menstrual cycle. There are several symptoms that you can check to make sure.

Menopause symptoms can vary in every woman. Usually begins with the menstrual cycle does not irregular and emotional changes such as mood changes and increasingly forgetful.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provides some common symptoms experienced by menopausal women, that are:

  • The menstrual cycle is not regular. Menstrual blood can more or stopped altogether suddenly.
  • The heat.
  • Sweating at night and difficulty sleeping.
  • The area around the vagina getting dry and more difficult to control the desire to urinate.
  • The thin and weakened bones.
  • Mood swings, forgetfulness and the weakening of concentration.

Enters menopause is not the end of your beautiful life, event you still can enjoy your sex life, cause menopausal women can achieve orgasm.

The decline in sexual desire at menopause is a myth. The true is that it should be in menopausal women, increased sexual desire and can be blocked at any time without menstruating.

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