The Advantages of Folding Bike Travel

Folding Bike Travel

The Advantages of Folding Bike Travel

Folding Bike Travel – Have you plan to do the traveling to various city attractions while cycling? Go bike would be very exciting. In addition to healthy, we will also be easier to visit the various places that might be missed if we rely solely on existing public transport, like buses or trains. of course it would be possible by the existence of folding bikes that are practical and easy to carry. Riding this portable bicycle, we can further save the cost of rental car or motorcycle.

Nowadays we can find folding bike in various types, sold in bike shops with a more affordable price variations.  Ranging from cheap folding bicycle to expensive with the latest technology. Compared to other types of bicycle, types of bikes are really practical to carry travel, stored in a confined area and we can quickly for our raft ride again. You can bring folding bicycle in railway carriages, bus luggage, or even on the plane.

Folding Bike Travel

The Advantages of Bring Folding Bike during Traveling

Here some excellent reason to travel with a folding bike [1]:

More secure: You can always bring your bike near you, like store a bike overnight inside your hotel room or hostel. This is a big benefit, because, especially in an unfamiliar city, you might not want to leave your bike locked outside overnight. Of course bringing it inside doesn’t mean it’s theft proof, but at least someone would have to break into your room to get it.

Convenient Travel: It’s easy to get around on a bike, but it’s easy to get around with a folding bike. Have some intercity train/bus travel on the itinerary? Often, a folding bike can come aboard with you, without any extra fees or planning required.

Easy to get spare part: Folding bike usually use industry Standard Parts.  Just head on down to the local cycle repair shop, and you should be all set. You won’t need to call for a tube or a derailleur part from the other side of the world. This means that if you’re riding and you get a flat tire, or have some other kind of mechanical malfunction, finding replacement parts is not going to be a problem..

Road Conditions: With full-size wheels, Montague bikes are prepared for anything. When you’re traveling, you can’t always be sure what kind of surface you’re going to be riding on. Sure, it might be smooth, paved roads, but it could just as easily be full of potholes, covered in cobbles, or even dirt or gravel.

Okay now I will share some tips to bring folding bike for travel

  • Tips to bring folding bikes to the train: If traveling without a companion, folding bike can be placed at the end of the train cars that have an empty space. When traveling in groups, with a number of colleagues more than three people, try to buy tickets to the position of the front-rear seat, so that folding bikes can be inserted in between.
  • Tips to bring folding bikes on buses: If you choose the inter-provincial buses, arrive early to the terminal or place of departure to pack the bike neatly in the trunk. Do check regularly as the bus stopped at the rest area, to ensure the bike remains in place.
  • Tips to bring folding bikes on board: Entering bike onto the plane, is generally not as complicated as trains or buses because there are clear rules regarding baggage. Weigh the weight of the bike first, in order to know the price range or excess weight that must be paid. Some airlines economical (low cost carrier) offers “pay only the necessary baggage according to weight.” Use this facility carefully. Important notes, flatting tire about 50% to avoid rupture due to differences in air pressure.

Lets go green with cycling, traveling safely with your folding bike.

[1] 4 Reasons to Travel with a Folding Bike this Summer

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