Folding Bike Chainless

Folding Bike Chainless

The presence of folding bike seems chainless further adds practicality of a folding bike. Some people, especially activists bike to work are often faced with a bicycle chain problems. If their bike has no chain guard or cover, the chain can (and will) get your clothes dirty or even get caught in them (and most employers are not very sympathetic about showing up at work in torn or dirty clothes).  If a folding bicycle has a derailleur, count on the chain coming off at some point. Hopefully, when the chain comes off, it won’t get caught in the spokes, causing you to come to a grinding halt and tearing up a bunch of spokes in the process (yes, I’ve been there). Even if you clean and lube your drive chain every 250 miles (as recommended), the chain should be replaced every 2500 miles. Failing to do so will result in premature wear of the teeth on the sprockets, skipping of the chain and (eventually) chain failure.

shaft bicycle

shaft bicycle

various issues have been pushed above the chain folding bike manufacturers to find smart solutions to overcome or even replace chain bike with new and better methods.  There is a lot of discussion over chainless shaft drive vs traditional chain bike. To me, it is just a simple trade-off. You give up a few % of efficiency in exchange for less frequent maintenance and chain hassle free. Most cyclists with multi-speed bicycles only use a couple of their gears. Lastly, most cyclists don’t even come close to maintaining their bikes as often as recommended.  The fact is that there is no such good manufacturer who can produce quality chainless bike. Herein lies the reason for chainless drives. Given the realities of how many people use their bikes, chainless drives make tremendous sense. Going chainless means less maintenance with no noticeable weight or performance penalties when riding moderately or leisurely.

How Does Shaft Drive Bicycle Technology Work?

Dynamic Bicycles’ chainless bikes combine two innovative technologies to create bikes that are smoother to ride, easier to operate, and simpler to maintain than traditional chain bikes.

  • Patented shaft drive – smoothly transfers power from the pedals to the rear wheel using highly efficient and durable gears instead of a sprocket and chain. View the Shaft Drive Animation.
  • Shimano’s advanced internal gear hubs – all the gearing is neatly tucked away inside the rear wheel making it maintenance-free and protected from the elements

you can read the complete information about that here. Common questions about chainless bicycle technology you can read here.

Dynamic chainless Bicycles shaft drive bikes

Dynamic chainless Bicycles shaft drive bikes

There are some advantages of shaft drive bicycles compared with chain bicycles:

  • Shaft drive is easier to operate. Simple twist grip shift is convenient, responsive and operates independent of pedaling so you can shift gears anytime, even at a complete stop.
  • Compared with chain bicycle, it safer and cleaner, because no chain to fall off; no chain bite on clothing. Axles and gears are fully enclosed – no grease/oil exposure to get on hands or clothing.
  • Fully enclosed, durable bevel gears are protected from impacts, debris and the elements.  So it mean lower maintenance.
  • Smoother ride: Fluid shifting and mesh gearing combine to create smoother pedaling and shifting.
  • Easier to transport: Easy loading and unloading without getting chain grease on hands and clothes.
  • Lower cost of ownership: Increased durability and drastically decreased maintenance schedule means fewer service and repair costs.

Chainless folding bike products

Here same product you can choose:

A. Abio Penza Folding Bike Shaft Driven Bicycle

abio penza - Folding Bike Chainless

Abio Penza Folding Bike with Shaft Drive System – For a Limited Time – No Shipping ChargeAbio bicycles has created a folding bike that is extremely portable, is fun to ride “”clean”” and easy to use.The Penza bicycle features a shaft drive chain less drive train.  Unveiled its new line of folding bicycles that promises to kick-start a “chain less revolution” for urban commuters and around town recreational riders across North America.

The company new generation of grease less and chain less folding bikes will liberate pedal pushers from conventional chain versions by providing a cleaner, greener and more maintenance-free bike.

While demand for folding bikes has been gaining speed in recent years — especially among budget-minded and Eco-conscious users in large metropolitan areas — the roll out of Abio’s new chain less technology eliminates the grease factor, which has been the messiest complaint city riders have had about folding bicycles.

Readers have asked for a review of a shaft driven folding bike. There aren’t many out there and the companies that sell them are small but I’ll see what I can do.


B. Beixo Compact.Electra

Beixo Compact Electra - Chainless (Electric Bike)

Double comfort: a clean shaft drive transmission in combination with a electrical motor. The delivery time is appr. 14 days.
Some specifications:

  • Panasonic Li-Ion Click&Go battery.
  • 24 v. 10 Amp. 3 kg. (up to 1000 cycles)
  • Intelligent charger (charges in 1-5 hour).
  • (110-240 volt.)
  • Max. speed 28 km./h.
  • Range over 50 km.
  • Brush less front hub motor (3.1 kg). 240 watt.
  • Efficiency >80%
  • Pedelec controller 16 amp.
  • Pedaling sensor by hall sensor.
  • Controller with Progressive Power Sending (PPS)
  • CE approval.
  • 1 year warranty (6 months on battery)
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