Folding Bike a Portable Bicycle

Why Folding Bike?

Go bike … Today more and more people are returning like a bicycle. With the increasing awareness of environmental sustainability, cycling has now become a lifestyle, moving from “Bike to Work”, “Bike to School” until the “Car free day” more often we meet.

Among the various types of existing bikes, folding bike is one that is very popular especially by urbanites. As a portable bicycle, this bike is usually stored under the car seat or portable time of entry into the apartment or office to prevent theft. Also it is quiet easy to carry during traveling. This bike folding process also varies, depending on the type, weight, and size of the bike. So natural for this type of bike we dubbed as citizen bike.

Folding Bike

Folding Bike


Buy folding bike

The following tips so that users can buy or get a folding bike’s they dreamed:


First, set a price limit your bike spending. Users can get price of about $200. However, keep in mind sometimes folding bike with cheaper prices tend to be heavier than high-priced folding bike. High-tech folding bike course has a much more expensive price.


Second, consider returning to your needs, whether standard or shaped compact model. Full sized bikes feature offers a more stable and comfortable for long distance usage. On the other hand, compact bike very well be used for traveling short distances.

Gear wheels

Third, check the amount of gear wheels on a bicycle. folding bike usually has one to eight gear wheels. If you are thinking of using a folding bike in the hills then use a bike with more gears.


Fourth, check the size folding bike when folded. Common reasons to buy folding bike is a saving of storage space. Make sure the size folding bike according to the place of storage you want.

Check out accessories

Lastly, check out accessories that exist on the bicycle. Some folding bike rack provides little in the back. You have to understand in detail the need for the bike.

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