Folding Bike Chain Maintenance Detailed Tips

folding bike chain

folding bike chain

Same with the types of bicycles in general, folding bikes also use the chain to rotate the gear. The heart and soul of your treasure bicycle is the chain. No matter how many features or how many gears your bike has, without the chain, it is a useless piece of fancy metal. That’s why it is so important to maintain your bikes chain. To be durable bicycle chain is a necessary routine maintenance to prevent rust, or become tense.

This article may not really important to read if your bike is folding bike chain less. but a few tips that there is actually a general nature to be applied in all types of bikes

Here are some general things about the folding bike chain:

  • Check your folding bike chain if you have been riding in bad weather, or at least two times per month or after you ride it about 10 hours if you ride quite a bit. Maintenance schedule. The perfect maintenance system would mean you clean your bicycle chain once a week.
  • Quick Clean. The quickest way to clean your chain is while it is still on your bike. Just spray the cleaning solution onto the chain then scrub with an old toothbrush or similar style brush.
  • Total Clean every four months, remove the chain from the bike to give it a thorough clean. Take a rinsed out, large plastic pop bottle and pour a couple of ounces of undiluted degreaser into the bottle. Drop the chain into the bottle, place the cap on tightly and shake. Shake for a couple of minutes and shake thoroughly. Remove the chain, rinse with water and replace the chain on the bike, then lubricate. Dispose of the bottle.
  • Better if you replace your chain if it is rusted, tight, worn out, or you have ridden more than 1000 miles on it. A new chain with 24 links should measure 12 inches and if it is too long even by 1/16 of an inch, then you want to replace it so that it does not damage the chain ring or sprocket. If you are replacing the chain rings or sprocket, then you need to go ahead and replace the chain so that you do not damage the new chain rings and sprocket.
  • The metal parts of the chain do not really stretch, but the chain does get longer because of the sleeves and pins wear and tear. Lubricating the chain regularly will help the chain to last longer. If you want to lubricate correctly, then you will want to put just a lubricant drop into each chain pin. This may take you a little time, but it will be well worth it when you increase the life of your chain.
  • Leave the lubricant on the chain for about 15 minutes and then wipe the excess off with a clean cloth. This will help to keep the chain from catching dirt and grime while riding. It will also keep your chain in tip-top condition.
  • If you need to clean your bicycle chain, then you can use a degreaser or dish soap. This is a great way to remove lubricant, grime, and grease to help your chain to work better. After you clean it, remember to lubricate it again.
  • If your chain seems to be making some noise and cleaning does not stop the noise, then you will have to replace it.
  • If pedaling becomes difficult, then it will be time for a chain change as well.

Tense Chain on folding bike

The cause of bicycle chain tension

Chain tension arises because of the rust and dirt on the sidelines of the chain. this problem often occur, especially during the rainy season or stored for too long. This sign for the bike difficult to move the gear, but it also came rattling noise when running.

Fixing a Tense Chain tips:

  • Clean the chain from rust and dirt with a wire brush that is not too stiff.
  • Use kerosene or solvent (special spray cleaners rust).
  • If dirt and rust is still not clean, try to remove the chain and soak it in kerosene chain. Long soaking time depends on the rust and dirt that has been lost or depending on your patience.
  • After soaking rub with a soft wire brush to clean more. In this way the rust and dirt will quickly disappear.
  • After all the dirt and the rust is gone, coat the chain with lube.
  • Your folding bike ready to ride in comfort without compromised with rattle sound.

By paying attention to detail and maintenance, then you will have a bike chain that you can use for a long time.

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