Facing Menopause, Facts and Tips

menopause facts

menopause is a natural condition, all women should get through this menopause

Many women feel anxious entering menopause, especially when they reaching middle age. But menopause is a natural condition, all women should get through this menopause.

Many changes that will occur both physical changes and mental changes which will require many adjustments. But you do not need to worry, provided that it can be verified, and you will be passed successfully.

Menopause is the cessation of the process of ovulation, process of release of the ovum from the ovary, permanently after ovarian activity or ovaries disappeared. In short, menopause is the last menstruation, the time when menstruation ceases in women due to aging. In the medical field can occur due to menopause natural processes (natural menopause) and that deliberately stopped menstruating for example, due to surgery (surgical menopause) or due to cancer treatment (medical menopause). But lets focus on the natural menopause.

In reproductive age, women ovaries produce ovum and female hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Ovum plays a role in the conception process. While the hormones estrogen and progesterone play a role in regulating the menstrual cycle and changes to the body accompanying mental and the menstrual cycle. At menopause, the ovaries will stop producing both eggs and hormones.

No one can with certainty determine when menopause is coming. Most women will experience at the age of 50 years but did not rule out if it happens more quickly or more slowly. This menopause process will take between 3 to 5 years to fully expressed when a woman has stopped menstruating for 12 months.

Research said, there was a connection between the first period with menopause. The earlier a woman’s first menstruation has also slowed the menopause occurs, and vice versa slower first menstruation, the sooner it comes the menopause. Other studies there that says the best guide when a woman will experience menopause is when the mother of the woman’s experience. However, many other factors that come into play, such as smoking that will accelerate the time of menopause for 2 years. Perhaps this part of many commonly asked questions by you, the women, what will happen to you when you’re experiencing menopause.

Fact and Tips Facing Menopause

Fertility Decrease

Fact: It is related to the quality of ovum that is produced by ovary. This process begins around age 35 to 38, about 10 to 15 years before menopause occurs.


  • Arrange your pregnancy. The older child, the greater the risk of having a baby with genetic abnormalities.
  • Continue using contraceptives. Does not mean a decline in fertility, you’re protected from pregnancy.

Menstrual Cycle Changes

Facts change is highly variable among individuals. There is a distance between menstrual cycles shorten, there are elongated, there’s going to be bleeding more or only slightly (spotting). Even some women will experience menstrual suddenly stopped and did not menstruate again forever


  • Be calm.
  • If you have menstrual bleeding for more or longer a longer bleeding or bleeding also occur between menstrual period immediately visit your doctor for a follow-up to the things that can be avoided dangerous.

Hot Flashes

Facts Symptoms are sensations of warmth to the body heat that occurs suddenly, especially in the chest area, face and head as a result of blood vessel enlargement. Followed with other symptoms like perspire, increased palpitation and heart rate.


  • Try to recognize and avoid things that trigger hot flashes like the room is warm, emotional, hot beverages, certain foods, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes.
  • Use the cool clothes, use a fan and sleeping in a cool room.
  • When the hot flashes come, take a deep breath and slow to calm yourself.
  • routine exercises can reduce stress or can also be a meditation, yoga or massage.

Emotional Changes

Fact Many things behind this. Hot flashes often happen took place at night, which caused the woman who experienced it will have trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and emotional changes such as irritability. Hormonal changes also influential. In addition, many life events that occurred during this happens a little too much influence, for example conflict with young people, afraid of growing old, child marriage, retirement preparation for the work and so on.


  • Join a fun activity.
  • Expand friends talk.
  • Eat regular and nutritious, less fat, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Regular exercises.
  • Try stress reduction techniques like deep breathing, meditation.
  • Perform activities for themselves You own like a massage, manicure.
  • Sleep enough every night.
  • Laugh as much as possible.
  • Find the parties competent to help you.
Vagina and incontinence

Changes Vagina and incontinence come closer menstruation

Changes Vagina and incontinence

During this fact will shorten your vagina and tighten. The vaginal wall becomes thinner and loses elasticity. The symptoms that will arise as a burning sensation, itching, bleeding and pain during intercourse. While the urinary tract will occur what is called urge incontinence, which means the passage of urine or wet yourself unconsciously. This can have an impact on your social life and personal hygiene.

Tips For a change in the vagina:

  • Use a vaginal moisturizer to soften the vagina.
  • Use vaginal lubricants that are water soluble or water-soluble to moisten the vagina.
  • Do Pap’s smears and other gynecological examination regularly.

For incontinesia:

  • Set the number of beverages drunk enough.
  • Reduce caffeine and acidic foods that will irritate the bladder.
  • Keep clean, so free from infection.
  • Do pelvic floor exercises ( Kegel Exercise).
  • Lose weight.

Changes Sexual Activity

In fact old age sexual activity will change on both sides couples, either the woman or the man. Many underlying factors such as, changes in age, hormonal and psychiatric each pair. The changes that occur include decreased sexual response, decreased sexual activity, decreased sexual desire, sexual partners who become dysfunctional (erectile dysfuction) and so on.


  • Extend the foreplay, this will prolong the orgasm.
  • Change your sexual habits, for example by making connections on the morning of copulation as a higher energy level.
  • Make your approach with your partner so that a better relationship can be awakened.
  • Try to help each other in dealing with sexual problems of each partner.
obesity during menopause

Increased weight facts will emerge due to menopause

Other Menopause symptom

Increased weight facts will emerge due to increased fat and decreased body muscle mass. In addition heart rate will tend to be more rapid. These include provoked by factors such as hot flashes that have been described above as well as emotional changes. Headaches will also be appearing in women who are vulnerable to hormonal changes. And the things that others who followed with a decrease in the age of the woman.


  • Eating a balanced nutritional diet with low calories
  • Sports
  • Avoid regular trigger stress
  • Do things that relieve stress
  • Drink enough water
  • Use sun-block to avoid skin cancer
  • If necessary eat supplement food.

Besides the things above you also need to guard against diseases such as heart disease and blood vessels as well as porous bone disease or osteoporosis, which was mentioned will occur after you have passed the menopause.

Therefore, menopause is not the time to be scared again, but should be prepared and examined as possible, so you can pass through as quickly as possible.

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