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About braces, there are definitely using this dental tool, why do I say dental tools? The first reason because it was the teeth and always keep our teeth.

The second reason is used for stylist and to increase self confidence.
The third reason is for use by people who have abnormalities in the jaw and aims to improve the shape of their face.

Braces in the past is a strange thing, and impressed a handful, but now teenagers and an artist use it, besides to correct jaw and teeth form, not a few who use these braces as a style in the face for supporting performances. But when does a person need treatment using braces?



Braces usage for treatment purpose

Braces is the wire that can level the teeth. By type, brackets (the part attached) on braces for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes there could be seen and not be seen. There is no permanent means can be removed and installed, and some that can be removed and installed. Which he set up the mechanism, push and hold the movement of teeth. Ortho treatment aims to improve the function of talk, the aesthetic front, the corner of the lips, jaw, and smile.

Instead, the installation (braces) done by a specialist orthodontist dentist. If the normal structure, teeth lined up neatly or between the upper and lower teeth can be closed exactly. when it is symmetrical – midline of the two upper front teeth parallel to the midline of the two bottom front teeth, while its location right in the middle of the face. However, not everyone is good tooth structure. These disorders become the third biggest problem after cavities and gum disease. If the teeth are too crowded, back and forth, buck tooth, or otherwise too rare, needed braces to straighten. Also in the normal condition the lower jaw, upper jaw forward (crooked), or vice versa, the lower jaw is too advanced, the upper jaw normal (buck tooth). If it not quickly treated, these disorders would make the toothbrush time not maximum. As a result, teeth so easy get cavity, many tartar grow, gums bleed easily, gingivitis and brings up halitosis. In more severe stages, may cause interference even headaches and neck muscles.

When should we use braces?

braces installation

Installation of braces teeth is done at the end of the milk tooth or when the child enters puberty (12 years).

Installation of braces teeth is done at the end of the milk tooth or when the child enters puberty (12 years). Although already look crowded, you should let your teeth keep growing until about age 12 years, so maximum jaw development. To ensure the patient’s teeth properly fenced, orthodontist will observe and retrieve patient data as complete as possible, including clinical examination teeth, such as recording the bite and the symmetry of teeth. All problems such as perforated teeth, tartar, dental tissue disorders, neurological and dental treatment, if any, should be treated first, so the teeth really clean and healthy.

Treatment with the help of this wire have high discipline, because it covers the entire tooth. Including directing teeth that have not grown, in order to support improvement in the growth of the jaw. If necessary, taking X-rays done which includes two angle, the panoramic (look on the teeth and bones) and chepalometri (position of the jaw, face bones and teeth). Furthermore, the printing done teeth to get the model. From the results of x-rays and teeth molds pathology analysis is performed for the treatment plan. For example, how many millimeters of the abnormality? Is enough plus the use of sharpened or removable braces? Should remove the small molar teeth behind the canines, two each above and below?

Braces to cure buck tooth

In buck tooth case, the bone-cutting surgery is needed and done by the orthodontist and oral surgeon. Next, will be described in detail the treatment plan and financing. Because prolonged treatment, between six months to three years (depending on the heavy-light case), the cost is relatively expensive. Patients must also be willing to sign a consent Inform or maintenance agreement, both for treatment with braces, removing and check.

Although there are no dietary restrictions, should avoid foods that are sweet, sticky, clay, and soft drinks, because that kind of food is more difficult to clean. Dense and hard foods like apples should be diced. Do not try to remove or adjust the braces that have been installed.

If the bracket off, or there is a piercing wire teeth, tell it immediately to the doctor. Some patients complain of pain and discomfort. It is naturally, because there is a strange object in the mouth. There are also patients who complain about the arrival of mouth sores, after installing braces to mucous membranes. But, believe me, if the doctor works with skilled and neat, had problems should not happen, or at least be reduced.

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