Herbal Side effects | Dangers of Areca Palm Nut to Asthma

Dangers of Areca palm nut to Asthma

Dangers of Areca palm nut to Asthma

Danger of areca palm nut to asthma. The results showed that areca palm nut has harmful effects for people with asthma. Areca palm nut seeds can cause a contraction effect on the respiratory tract, associated with the recurrence of asthma attacks. Inhalat two types of alkaloids from areca nut is arekolin (5.2 mg / ml) and metakolin (1.6 mg / ml) can cause airway contraction by 20% in people with asthma.

There are even people with asthma which has decreased the volume of air expenditure about 30%, 150 minutes after chewing Areca palm nut. Areca palm seed has arekolin alkaloid compounds, the active alkaloid compounds, which if used in excess it can endanger health. 2 mg of pure arekolin could cause a strong stimulant effect, so the recommended dosage does not exceed 5 mg for the single-use. The use of Areca palm nut powder should not exceed 4 grams. If more than 8 grams will be fatal. Arekolin is citotoxic (toxic to cells) and strong sistatic.

Negative Effect of Areca palm nut to Asthma


In vitro, the use arekolin with concentrations 0.042 mM (millimoles) caused a decrease in cell viability and reduce the speed of DNA and protein synthesis. Arekolin also causes glutationa failure, ie an enzyme that functions to protect cells from harmful effects. Areca palm nut seeds also contain phenolic compounds group (poisonous crystalline compound) in a relatively high amount. Other hazardous compounds nitroso derivative, namely N-nitrosoguvakolina, N-nitrosoguvasina, 3 – (N-nitrosometilamino) propionitrile. all four compounds are genotosic and citotoxic on buccal epithelial cells, and also causes tumors in pancreas, lungs, nose and liver.

The use of areca nut along with synthetic drugs containing flupentiksol, prosiklidina, flufanazina, prednisone, and salbutamol, can cause jaw tremors effect. It also can cause stiffness, akithesia, asthma attacks and excessive bradikinin (allergies, skin becomes itchy and swollen, swollen).

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