Choosing a Mirrorless Camera for Traveling

The question of many people today is, do I need a mirrorless camera? If you are a photographer who photographed a lot in the studio and model, you need more high-end cameras to work. but if you are Travel Photographer and Travel blogger, or hobies who like to take pictures and walk during vacation. then the mirrorless camera fits with you. Short enough to put in the camera travel bag.  Mirrorless camera is a digital camera that began popular in 2008, has a similar shape DSLR camera, but with a smaller size and lightweight and do not use the mirror to look more concise. Mirrorless camera can be positioned as a combination of the superiority of the quality of DSLR camera photos with the practicality of a pocket camera. Because of that advantages then this compact mirrorless camera is chosen by the traveler to document their journey.

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Mirrorless Camera vs DSLR

The main difference between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR lies in the unused mirror to bring up the image in the viewfinder. This is what makes this type of camera can save size and weight, and cut prices to be much cheaper. The quality of images that can be generated, not least with the DSLR. Especially for a mirrorless camera that already uses APSC sensor, the resulting image quality can be equivalent to DSLR.

For those who work as Travel Photographer is required to produce the best photos in all situations and conditions, bringing many lenses and tripod will certainly make traveling uncomfortable. in this situation Mirrorless cameras can be an alternative choice because there are many advantages when you bring top mirrorless camera during your vacation.

Advantages of using Mirrorless Cameras for Travelers and Photographers

  1. Lightweight, you will need a backpack bag to carry 2 DSLR units and 2 wide and normal range lenses. but with mirrorless you just enough to carry 1 sling bag that can be filled by 2 Mirrorless camera 1 with 12-24mm lens and 1 unit again with 18-55mm lens.
  2. Quality Photos that are close to DSLR quality, with the same great sensors used by DSLR cameras make Mirrorless camera quality equivalent to DSLR.
  3. Affordable Prices, Most Mirrorless Cameras are affordable and sometimes cheaper than the cheapest DSLR types. there is also a mirrorless camera that costs more than DSLR but not much.
  4. Photographing the human interest is easier, if we like to photograph the human interest that you will feel when shooting using a mirrorless camera, your photo object will not be awkward and tend to be indifferent to our presence. different if we use a large DSLR camera they tend to be uncomfortable and embarrassed when photographed.
  5. More easily mingle, using mirrorless camera keep our impression is real photographer. because of low profile and not flashy sometimes we are considered ordinary tourists by the surrounding community, so that easily we can mingle and photograph comfortably.
  6. The updated technology, mirrorless cameras are now equipped with the latest tenology, good wifi, hdr and some features that make it easy for us to take pictures.

Choosing a Mirrorless Camera for Traveling.

  • Mirrorless cameras are generally very good when shooting in dark, less light conditions and more low noise.
  • When buying a mirrorless camera the first thing to note is the sensor used the camera, because this sensor will determine the quality of the resulting image. the larger the size of the sensor used, will produce images with improved quality, although the lens factor also affects the quality of the photo. Choose the sensor size as needed.

Types of sensors in Mirrorless Cameras:

  • sensor APS-C
  • sensor Four Thirds
  • sensor Nikon CX (1 inci)
  • sensor kecil 1/2.3 inci (Pentax Q)
mirrorless camera travel ba

with mirrorless you just enough to carry 1 sling bag that can be filled by 2 Mirrorless camera

Mirrorless Camera Buying Guide for traveler

  1. During your vacation, choose a Mirrorless camera that has a megapixel above 16MP, because for most lenses on entry level mirrorless camera usually has a quality that is not as good as DSLR lenses, there must be a decrease in photo quality. So when using a mirrorless camera with a large sensor if the image quality is reduced still be understood.
  2. If you buy a mirrorless camera with the intention to be applied with a DSLR lens, then the essence of the mirrorless camera is lost. Do not people choose Mirrorless, because of its practicality and brevity.
  3. Look for a mirrorless camera with universal USB power charge, so if we run out of battery can be in charge using powerbank. but it also can save space because it does not need to carry a lot of charger when traveling.
  4. Chasing a lightweight, small and compact size is absolute, if you buy a mirrorless camera that is almost the same size as a DSLR. better you buy DSLR.
  5. For the traveler who really likes photography, you can simply carry 2 mirrorless camera only, 1 camera with standard 18-55mm lens (for photographing human / culinary) and 1 camera again with 12-24mm lens (wide for landscape). 2 cameras can be inserted into the camera travel bag so as not complicated have to mutually lens. Also bring a mini tripot that can be folded in a compact if necessary

Best mirrorless camera for travel

Here are some recommended mirrorless cameras for travelling you can choose

  1. Sony Nex series
    Camera and lens have good quality, good camera body design. just aftersales service in some countries not as good as camera and lens.
  2. Samsung NX series
    Has a standard camera form not many variants and types, the lens is quite cheap and aftersalesnya pretty good.
  3. Olympus
    Nice design and vintage, have a strong community and quite large, the sensor is not as big as the two cameras above, but enough for commercial needs.
  4. Fuji Series
    Good design and good sensor technology, the price is rather expensive compared to other cameras.
  5. Panasonic Lumix
    These Mirrorless cameras include middle and high-end cameras, have a built-in lens from Leica. and the picture is quite natural.

Best mirrorless camera for traveler or event beginner

  • Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D + EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM
    Best all-rounder Canon’s latest entry-level model has a vari-angle touchscreen at its rear as its main shouting point, and this lets you frame up images and Full HD videos from all kinds of awkward positions (and even take selfies without bother).
  • Nikon D3400 + AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
    Best basic DSLR If you’re after a no-frills DSLR that takes great shots without costing a fortune, the D3400 is what you’re after.
  • Pentax K-70 + HD DA 18-50mm f/4-5.6 DC WR RE
    Best value entry-level DSLR The K-70 is a little pricier than some of the other options here, but it’s arguably the best value entry-level DSLR you can buy right now, as it features so much you just won’t find in any other DSLR at this price point.
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