Cholecystitis (gall inflammation) is not diagnosed because the gall bladder is already wrapped by omentum (one of the buildings in the stomach cavity). This is usually known trough laparoscopy.

Fat dissolving agent

In principle, gall bladder is a bag used to hold liquids in the form of gall salts and gall fat. Gall salt is needed to help the defense system body known as the balance of acid and base.

In addition, also in the gall bladder, there is a gall extract that is used to dissolve fat. In the circumstances, the error due to the fat meal with excessive and sometimes accompanied by bacteria that enter, the process occurs precipitation from extracts of fat. And can cause problems form the core gallstone formation (cholelithiasis). Cholelithiasis this gall can cause inflammation (cholecystitis). Conversely, cholecystitis can cause gallstones.

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Cholecystitis is sometimes difficult to find, and the subjectivity symptoms is almost the same as the pain of stomach illness and flatulence. Unless this has been cause cholecystitis specific problems, such as yellow skin, and form stones gall (cholelithiasis), which clog the channel in the total gall. Because it will cause a feeling such as an ulcer in the stomach with pain in the tip of the scapula or boas point. Sore point in boas is one of the characteristics interference gall disease. For more details, the examination with the USG can be done.

When inflammation occurs, gall will continue to swell. Gall can not eventually produce in accordance with its capacity and that should cause a risk gall leakage. When the inflammation will lead to quite serious adhesion in some places, especially in the liver and large intestine. This is the most happening.

If the gall inflammation persists and inflame the liver near, it will be cause pain in the shoulder (kerr). Pain in the neck occurred because there inflammation involving nerves in the diaphragm (midriff). The means there is inflammation in the wall through the gall bladder and this has complications. The soreness can be right or left and lost-emerged. The longer the pain is more severe and eventually pain settled. If there are a lot of gallstones, some of gallstones can go to gall channel which connect the liver with the 12 fingers intestine. So, blockage can also occur.

When the patient is experiencing blockage, the skin color look yellow and the lid also shown yellowy. On condition that the person may experience complications that bad until complications occur in his brain. That is known as bilirubin poisoned.

On the chance that they found with complications, sometimes complications such as tumor appearance. Inflammation in the gall caused by a tumor, sometimes because of a stricture, or polyp in the gall. The appearance of this tumor usually occurs in people who have the tumor. Outside of the case is the case of gall tumefy caused by a tumor in the pancreas, and very complex operation. Therefore, he said, if someone has inflammation in the gall bladder, the gall bladder should be appointed. To avoid from relapse and to stop the gallstone production.

However, if the inflammation does not pose a risk of gall excessive or complications that are not life threatening, it can ease inflammation with medication first. If inflammation is calm, so laparoscopy surgery can be performed.

Avoid fat

Actually, the cholecystitis and cholelithiasis prevention is not easy. However, because this one part of the digestive system, should keep away from fatty foods.

Alcohol will also trigger problems in the gall, so, drinking alcohol should be avoided. It also should eat food that does not contaminated by bacteria. Because the bacteria will enter into the digestion through food.

The gall inflammation and gallstone is more suffered by women than men compared to 1 that is 2 or 3. Those at risk is that fat people, aged above 40 years old, fertile, and most women.

It is not a problem if the gall bladder is taken over, because gall bladder is only a reservoir, not the main framer. Function gall bladder this will be compensated by instruments of the body others who can provide support in the process of digestion, for example, in gall channel.

People with no gall bladder (have been appointed) must avoid fatty foods. Because the food will be fed cause pain in the pit of the stomach. In the first six months after gall bladder lifting is done, pain, sometimes appear in the pit of the stomach, especially when people eat fatty foods.

But with time, after the body do compensations naturally, pain will automatically disappear.


If you feel sick in the stomach like an ulcer and a pain in the boas point (e shoulder blade), it is likely to crash your gall.


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