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Vaginal health is an important part of a woman’s overall health. Genital often itchy, smelly not pleasant and cause an inferior feeling to your partner? Perhaps there is a wrong in your lifestyle. Vaginal problems can affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm. Ongoing vaginal health issues can also affect other areas of your life, causing stress or relationship problems and impacting your self-confidence.

In women of childbearing age, the most common cause is a bacterial infection. The main symptom is a smelly vaginal discharge, but some women have no symptoms. The treatment is antibiotics.

Other infections that can cause vaginitis include trichomoniasis and yeast infections. Some other causes of vaginal symptoms, including vaginal bleeding, are sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer.

female reproductive organs

female reproductive organs

Know the signs and symptoms of vaginal problems and what you can do to protect your vaginal health. We have tips on how to care your genital health. Just ahead!

  1. Avoid soggy conditions How, flush with water from the front to back every time after urination or defecation.During this, many women who tend to wash genital organs from the anus to the vagina. This would make the bacteria lodged in the anus area burrow into the vagina. As a result, arising itching in the area of the vagina.
  2. Change the pants in at least two times a day
  3. Choose cotton underwear that are easy to absorb perspiration.Avoid shorts that are too strict. Trousers too tight in the muscles of the vagina will press and make a humid atmosphere.
  4. Avoid using too tight denim trousers in the crotch area.
  5. In public toilets, avoid using water in the tub or bucketAccording to the research, the stagnant water in public toilets contain 70% of Candida albicans fungi (leucorrhoea cause itching and vagina). Meanwhile, the water that flows from the tap in public toilets contain approximately 10 20%.
  6. When changing the sanitary napkins, first flush the vagina with water and soap.
  7. Avoid the use of special genital organs cleaning liquids regularly because it will disturb the balance of flora in the vagina.When used too often, it will kill the bacteria in the vagina, which will trigger the growth of mold. As a result, appears itching genital organ in the area.
  8. Use betel leaf.Boiling water betel leaves can be used to wash the outside of the vagina. Betel leaves contain substances that are very good antiseptic for maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina.
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