Top Ranked Bike Frame Pumps

Topeak Pocket Rocket
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We researched best selling and top performing frame pumps and put them through our own testing and scrutiny to see which ones came out on top. We tested each one in five categories: pumping speed, ease of use, durability, portability, and looks/design. Below you’ll find the results to help you best find your new favorite bike frame pumps!
Be sure not to miss a complete list of our favorites Dream Bike Gear List and our Bike Pump Review which covers floor pumps. Read More…

Samsung Smart Bike

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Samsung Smart Bike is the world’s first smart bike that was introduced at a Trade Fair in Milan, Italy. Reporting from phonearena, bike designer, Giovanni Pelizzoli, known to cooperate with South Korean giants Samsung, to develop a bike that some time ago on display at a major event in Milan.

According to details the concept of smart bike, riders will put their smartphones diatara both bikes handle. Smartphones will serve as the back glass that has been synchronized with the camera placed at the back of the bike. In addition the phone can also be used for other features, such as creating a special bike lanes utilizing four lasers. Read More…

Bicycle Suspension Forks Models

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Bicycle suspension forks models does not change much. Suspension is more than a way to make the ride more comfortable. It helps maintain better control in severe off-road riding. It protects the bicycle. Innovation is most often done when it refers to the use of power hydraulic shock breaker. Most shock absorbers use a combination of springs and a damping mechanism. The damping force keeps the spring from bouncing up and down several times, but allows it to travel. There are three damping methods used; air under pressure, hydraulic fluid, and friction. Read More…

Folding Bike Chainless

shaft bicycle
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Folding Bike Chainless

The presence of folding bike seems chainless further adds practicality of a folding bike. Some people, especially activists bike to work are often faced with a bicycle chain problems. If their bike has no chain guard or cover, the chain can (and will) get your clothes dirty or even get caught in them (and most employers are not very sympathetic about showing up at work in torn or dirty clothes).  If a folding bicycle has a derailleur, count on the chain coming off at some point. Hopefully, when the chain comes off, it won’t get caught in the spokes, causing you to come to a grinding halt and tearing up a bunch of spokes in the process (yes, I’ve been there). Even if you clean and lube your drive chain every 250 miles (as recommended), the chain should be replaced every 2500 miles. Failing to do so will result in premature wear of the teeth on the sprockets, skipping of the chain and (eventually) chain failure. Read More…

Swingtrike 3 Wheels Folding Bike

3 wheels folding bike, swingtrike
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Folding bike with three wheels? of course. Swingtrike folding bike is somewhat different than usual. It has 3 wheels, 2 wheels and 1 behind the front wheels. With a diameter of 20 “in front and 16″ in the rear. With the aluminum frame of 7005 made ??this bike weighs a fairly light yet sturdy. Folding bike is unique, because the pole behind the bike apart to stay balanced when turning. Using 9-speed drivetrain from Shimano, available options for the bench addition seat for children on bicycles and luggage rack. Equipped with 2 disc brakes in the rear (double pulling and parking function). Read More…