Where is the Best Surf in Indonesia Besides Bali

Speaking of where is the best surf in indonesia, Bali may be the most popular surf destination in Indonesia. This island does have many beaches suitable for surfing, both for beginners and those who are already professional. Did you know, other than in Bali, there are still many alternative surfing places in Indonesia that are even much nicer and challenging. Some of which are new and not yet visited beaches with unspoiled beauty. Here are some of them

Plengkung Beach (Grajagan), Banyuwangi

G land Plengkung beach

G land
Image source: www.tempatwisatamu.com

Plengkung Beach also known as Grajagan Beach is located 20 kilometers from Grajagan Village, including part of Alas Purwo Banyuwangi National Park, on the southern coast of Banyuwangi Regency East Java. Surfers call Plengkung beach the G-Land. G for great describes the big long wave. But some argue that G-Lang is taken from the name Grajagan, others say that G-Land is derived from the word green that describes how original and natural this place is for it’s located on the edge of green tropical forest. G lad offers the worlds most demanding surfing sport, and recommended for professional surfers only.

Plengkung Beach is a beach with some of the best wave in the world and a paradise for both local and international surfers. The beach is known to have the second best wave after Hawaii. It has 6 to 8 meters long waves along 2 kilometers. The waves at Plengkung Beach have 7 rolls at intervals of about 5 minutes, due to sea water pressure from the South Pole. What makes G-Land’s waves unique is that they break after 1-2 km, rolling from east to west with heights reaching 4-6 meters in about 5 minutes intervals. A beach with these characteristics can only be found in some countries like Hawaii, Australia and South Africa. Many world-class surfers call this beach as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder. On Plengkung Beach ever held an international surfing competition or known as “Banyuwangi G-Land International Team Challenge”. The race was followed by 12 teams of surfers from eight countries, namely Australia, France, America, England, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Other competition is Quiksilver Pro Surfing Championship in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

This word describes the location of this beach is still natural and green because it is still located in the area of Alas Purwo National Park. Before enjoying surfing in Plengkung Beach, visitors will be treated to the beauty of natural ecosystems in the national park inhabited by various animals, such as wild monkeys, antelope, deer, peacocks, and many other animals.

When to surf in Plengkung

To be able to enjoy the great wave at this beach, come between July – September for at those times the wave is reaching its top performance for surfing.

G Land the seven giant waves wonder

G Land the seven giant waves wonder
Image source: acehfoundation.org

How to go to Plengkung Beach

To reach Plengkung can be taken in many ways:

  1. From Banyuwangi you need to get to Tegaldlimo which takes about 2 hours using local bus. From Tegaldlimo continue to go to Pos Pancur which is located in the Alas Purwo National Park (30 minutes to an hour trip). From Pos Pancur you have three options to get to Plengkung Beach : going on foot for about 2 hours, renting motor, or by jeep from Alas Purwo National Park management.
  2. Overland. Banyuwangi-Kalipahit (59km)by bus Kalipahit Pasaranyar (3km) by ojek or rent a car, Pasaranyar-Trianggulasi (12km), Trianggulasi-Pancur-Plengkung/G-Land.
  3. Overland-sea : Banyuwangi-Benculuk (35km) by bus, Benculuk Grajagan (18km) by bus or public transportation, Grajagan-Plengkung by speedboat. if you choose this way, you can spend the night at Grajagan and enjoy the view before continue the journey to Plengkung.

Plengkung Beach / G-Land – The Best Surfing Beach In The World
Plengkung Beach, Known As G-Land Best Surfing Spot in Java
G-Land (Plengkung Beach), Outstanding Wave for Challenging Surfing Experience

Mentawai Beach – Wave park of West Sumatra

Mentawai Beach

Image source: mentawaisurfingretreat.com

Mentawai beach is located in the Mentawai islands, West Sumatra Province. The beach is famous with beautiful water that is so clear and warm. The Mentawai Islands experience year-round swells, together with around 30 degree Celsius temperatures both above and below the water. Has 400 surf spots with different difficulty levels. Mentawai surf spots including ….. One of the favorite surf spots is located on Sipora Island, Mentawai Islands. Sipora Island is included in the list of 20 best surfing spot in the world version of CNN Travel. This beach was destroyed by the tsunami in 2010. But thanks to the help of a number of people from Indonesia and international (and SurfAid International is one of them) is now Sipora Island rise and reinforcing the position as a worthy location visited by surfers. Now day be come best time to surf mentawais.

Mentawai Wive Guide – When to go?

The most consistent surf season is between March and October/November. This coincides loosely with the dry season, while the heaviest rainfall hits in January/February. The northwesterly winds that dominate between November and February favour some of the archipelago’s lesser known waves, so surfing during the ‘off’ season is still viable and you’ll be competing with fewer crowds.

Sipora island wave

Sipora island wave
Image source: /beritahati.com

How To Get There

Padang is the gateway to the Mentawai Islands, located on the west coast of Sumatra. There are daily flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta, so if you’re coming from Bali you will need to transfer through Jakarta first. Over 30 surf charter yachts are based in Padang harbour, around 100km away from the islands on the Sumatra mainland.

There are a number of ways to travel to the Mentawai Islands.

  • Join an organized boat charter (very expensive)
  • Book at resort/surf camp and they will organise your transport.
  • Take Mentawai Fast Ferry (3 hours to Sipora/ Siberut)
  • Take a ferry (Ambu-Ambu ferry is the best however there are also two others, “beriloga” and “Sumber”
  • Charter a fast speed boat (very expensive around USD1600)
  • small plane to Sipora airport although flights are infrequent. (possible seaplane in future)

Mentawai surf camps

There are more than 29 land-based surf camps in mentawai islands, some of the best known are:

Gordo surf camp – One of the more affordable surf camps in the region, but do not worry; you’ll still be doing as much surfing as you would if you stayed at a different camp. A basic camp – but that’s all you need when the waves are firing​. Check them out here.

Kandui Resort – Located at ‘Playgrounds’, Kandui Resort is close to more than a dozen breaks, with plenty of activities for non-surfing partners and family. Surfers wanting to surf the infamous ‘Nokanduis’ wave will love this resort.

Macaroni’s – Macaroni’s sits right on top of the Mentawai’s fun left-hander of the same name, and prides itself on its community projects – injecting funds into local villages, employing local workers, and sourcing produce from the surrounding rural farms.

Mentawai Surfing Retreat – Being the first surf camp in the area means the Mentawai Surfing Retreat has got the islands dialled, and there packages are 100% inclusive, meaning if you want to go and surf waves at the other end of the archipelago at the drop off a hat, you can. A great option for surfers who want to surf as many waves as possible​

Mentawai Islands – Wikitravel
The Ultimate Mentawai Surf Guide: Travel Tips & Mentawai Surfing

Batukaras Beach Java

Batu karas beach

Batu Karas Beach
Image Source: www.initempatwisata.com

Batu Karas is a small fishing village in the East Parahyangan region on the south coast of Java, about an hour’s drive (34 kilometers) from the popular seaside resort of Pangandaran. This beach is a small bay with a sloping and soft sand, combined with coral hills. This combination brings a landscape that is so beautiful. Batukaras Beach is known as an ideal surf spots for beginners. has a wave that is not too high so it is friendly enough for beginner surfers. In addition to a relatively flat beach, Batu Karas also has a small bay, so that surfers do not have to paddle too far to the starting point for wave. Here you can easily find surfing equipment rental places as well as surf instructors for beginners surfers. The main beach at Batu Karas region was named Legokpari Beach, located directly in front of the Hotel Java Cove. This beach is a favorite for beginner surfers, has waves that are not too high making it easier for every tourist who wants to try and learn to surf. This uniquely black sandy beach is a perfect getaway since it is less crowded compared to those in Pangandaran or even Bali. Some even dubbed this as little Bali, since it offers similar experience but with less disturbance.

Generally speaking, there are three surfing spots that are commonly known among Surfers, they are: Karang, Legok Pari and Bulak Bendak. Karang, literally means “coral rocks”, which probably gets its name from the many rocks lying underneath the surface, and can only be surfed at high tide.

Batu rakas surf

Image source: banjarwangi.com

How to get to Batu karas beach

Getting by public transport to Batu Karas from other destinations, such as Jakarta, Bandung, or Yogyakarta, requires to get to Pangandaran first.

  • If you choose to use the train, the nearest railway station is in Banjar.
  • If you take public transport, then you have to arrive first at Pangandaran station. From this station, pyou will first need to take a blue-coloured angkot (public minivan) to Cijulang (1 hour, about Rp10,000). Arriving in the district of Cijulang, the only transportation that can take you up to Batu Karas is to use a motorcycle taxi (Ojeks) fare of IDR 30,000 or negotiable. If you want directly from Pangandaran to Batu Karas, Ojeks in Pangandaran charge around 100,000 rupiah for the 1-hour drive to Batu Karas. Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike in Pangandaran for 50,000 per day. The shortest way from Cijulang to Batu Karas (about 20 minutes) is via a bamboo bridge, but nowadays there is also a paved road, using a detour.
  • An alternative option from Jakarta is to fly from Halim Airport in East Jakarta directly to Cijulang Nusawiru Airport (CJN IATA), also known as Pangadaran Airport. This airport is actually closer to Batu Karas than to Pangandaran. The airport, and several of the hotels in Batu Karas, offer a shuttle between the airport and the village.

Batu Karas Beach Accommodation

Sunrise Resort Batukaras
One of our top picks in Batukaras.This property is a 6-minute walk from the beach. Featuring free WiFi and a sun terrace, Sunrise Resort Batukaras offers accommodations in Batukaras, just 12 miles from Pangandaran.

Beach Corner Batu Karas
Batu Karas Beach Resort
Address: Jl. Pantai Legok Pari,, Batukaras, Cijulang, Pangandaran, Jawa Barat 46394
Phone: 0812-9112-2554

JavaCove Beach Hotel
JavaCove Beach Hotel is located across the road from a tree-lined beach bordered by jungle covered headlands. It only a few steps from the beach and the closest hotel to the Batu Karas surf point (directly in front!). Our 13 room two-storey hotel is not a star-rated resort, but a small, simple hotel established for surfers.

Batu Karas Beach – Indonesia-Tourism.com
Batu Karas – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan, East Java

About watu karung beach – Watu Karung Beach is nirvana. Pacitan has the cluster of beautiful south coast. Watu Karung beach is one of those beaches as the sea tourist destination for surfing sport in East Java. Located not too far from Srau beach approximately 45 minutes trip. Clean white sand beaches are still free from rubbish to make something so refreshing. Because not many people know the existence of this beach make beach is still quiet and maintained continuity. Green sea water at the edge and make clear the corals and underwater life are visible without we have dive. The beach itself is also very clean, which can also be quite unusual for an Indonesian touristic place. I would recommend some water shoes if you intend to swim there as there are many rocks along the shore.

Watu Karung Beach, Surfing Spot in Pacitan

Image source: eastjava.com

Surfer in Watu Karung Pacitan

Behind its beauty, Watu Karung Beach proved to have extraordinary waves. With the type of reef break seabed rock, at certain moments Watu Karung Beach can produce a barrel that will make the surfer seemed to be in heaven. Both surfers with goofy and natural style can surf here because Watu Karung Beach has waves on the right and left. This place is also not too crowded, so the surfer can catch the waves freely.

Watu Karung Beach is an advanced surfer spot. So it is not recomended for beginner. the rocks, the live coral, the strong current and the big waves make it dangerous for a novis. If you’re not a surfer, you can watch many of them from the beach.

Offshore wind typically comes in from April to October, making these months are the best time to mingle with the barrel Watu Karung beach.

Access to Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung beach is located in Watu Karung village, Pringkuku district, Pacitan regency of East Java province. Aapproximately 40 kilometers from Pacitan city. The best option to reach Watu Karung beach is by car from Yogyakarta (3 hours ride) or from Solo city (3 hours ride too). There is no public transportation specifically to the location of the beach. So the location can only be reach by private vehicle.

Watu Karung Accommodation

There are currently no accommodation with a medium range standard. There are many home stays, with different standing and different locations closer to the beach but this is definitely the cheapest option. For a choice of place to stay more comfortable but with a price that is also more expensive you can chose individual bungalows in a resort-like hotel in Istana Ombak EcoResort.

Istana Ombak EcoResort: One of Watu Karung beach resort you can find. This hotel is located along the beach walk of Watu Karung. It is easily recognizable with its nice rock walls and the swimming pool. They offer individual bungalows or hut (20 square meters) with AC, relatively close to each other. It is the closest you can be from the beach. The price is quite high and the hotel mostly have foreigners.

Watu Karung homestay

Image source: surfingpacitan.com

Guesthouse at Watukarung Surfing Zone Beach are:

  1. Pasir Putih Homestay: The place is located less than a minute away from the beach so the location is very good. There is a small terrace and the room has a proper size.
  2. Watukarung Prapto Homestay : This friendly stay has 4 rooms : 2 double bed and 2 twin beds. The price is 200,000 rp per night. It has a good location near the beachwalk.
  3. Edy’s Hometay: An other good home stay with reasonable price. It is not located totally close to the beach but the price are relatively cheap.

Surfing Pacitan Homestay

  1. eHomestay Surfing Pacitan (Made’s house): This accomodation has a great location, close to the beach but in a more remote area, 5 minutes by car from all the previous homestays. The price is US$ 10 per day and they have discounted prices if you stay 1 week.
  2. Sack stone Homestay: This Home stay is located 150 meters away from the beach and is quite clean. Most of the rooms have terrace too and there is a common area to watch TV. The host of the place are very friendly.

Watu Karung Beach in Pacitan, East Java – Indonesia-Tourism.com
Watu Karung Beach, Surfing Spot in Pacitan – East Java
Watu Karung Beach (Pacitan) – All You Need to Know Before You Go

Tanjung Setia Beach, West Lampung

Tanjung Setia beach is already known by foreign tourists but not by the local community. The Tanjung Setia Beach lies directly in the path of the large Indian Ocean currents that enhance it with constant fascinating waves. Tanjung Setia also boasts a near virgin condition and some stunning natural beauty. Its soft white sandy beaches that stretch from shore to shore and breathtaking sunsets offer their own fascinating attractions next to the challenging waves. This beach became one of the favorite and best places in the world for water sports. Waves on this beach is one of the highest waves in the world because it is directly opposite the Indian Ocean. The waves on this beach can reach a height of 6-7 meters with a length of 200 meters.

Tanjung Setia Surf

Image Source: www.indonesia-tourism.com

Tanjung Setia Surf Spots

Tanjung Setia is popular for surfing, huge wave consistently available offshore a small cape directly faces Indian Ocean. there are two famous surf spots around Tanjung Setia beach, are:

Karang Nyimbor ( Ujung Bocur )

This wave is an 800 meter long lefthander that wraps around the point and provides some great barrels and carving sections. It is really consistent and caters to surfers from the beginner to advanced. This wave can be ridden from 3 to 10 feet and is walking distance from the camp.

Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline)

This wave is big, heavy and radical. For the experienced surfers who want a challenge, this wave is a fast generally down the line barrel and is for those surfers looking to get big, heavy and epic tubes. This place can be reached in 15 minutes by motor bike from Tanjung Setia.

When to surf in Tanjung Setia

During month of April and October the wave reaches a height of 4 meters and 200 meters long. Known as the longest most consistent left hander in the region, UJUNG BOCOR, on the point of Tanjung Setia. During this season many tourist from worldwide came to this beach for surfing.

Access to Tanjung Setia

Located some 273 kms or some 6-7 hours driving from the province’s capital Bandar Lampung, in the Tanjung Setia Village of the West Lampung district. Tanjung Setia village is 30 km before Krui or 215 from Bandar Lampung enrouting Kota Agung – Bengkunat – Biha.

  • If you fly from Jakarta, at Radin Inten Airport you can rent a minibus that takes you there via Kota Agung, Wonosobo and Krui. It takes you about 4 or 5 hours.
  • Taxi from Radin Inten II Airport available directly to drop in Tanjung Setia and Krui Area.
  • If you want to cut corners on your expense, take a bus (Krui Putra bus) from Rajabasa bus terminal in Bandar Lampung. Your surfing board will be safe on the roof of the bus. This costs you around Rp.50.000 or 60.000, — per person excluding your surfing board and other gears.


During your stay in Tanjung Setia, you can stay in a coastal city of Krui. there are decent hotels to stay in during your surfing holiday. Here are a couple of hotels you can contact: Hotel Jembar Manah on Jalan Raya Pasar Liwa phone +62-728-21012 and Hotel Karang Nyimbor on Jalan Raya Tanjung Setia, Pesisir Selatan,Biha.

Cottages especially made for surfers are available within this area.

Ombak Indah Losmen : Ombak Indah has prime position on the point, overlooking the long left hand break named Ujung Bocor, with a perfect view of the reef and waves running along it. Short distance to a dozen other breaks with peaceful tropical gardens with swimming pool, fast WiFi And also travel services – transport, flights & connections.It consists of 13 rooms, 9 of which are single or twin share, 2 rooms that can accommodate 3 people and another 2 rooms that can handle up to 4 people.

Website: www.ombakindahsurfcamp.com

Lovina Krui Surf: This camp located on the beach of Tanjung Setia South sumatra. A 2 minute walk from the famous wave of Ujung Bocor. World class waves right on your doorstep and many other surf breaks to explore only a short drive away in Krui and Pungung Tampak.

Address: Jl. Wisata Tanjung Setia beach district. Pesisir Barat Lampung Sumatra, Indonesia 34875
Website: lovinakruisurf.com
Email: info@lovinakruisurf.com

Tanjung Setia Beach: Lampung’s Secret Surfers Paradise
Tanjung Setia Surfing Area | visitlampungsumatra

Timor Island

The islands of West Timor have some of the best waves in Indonesia. The islands of West Timor and Rote have some famous surf spots, break points (such as T-Lands) as well as some original secret surf spots. T-Land is the main surfing spot here, a goofie can do snap many times, you can do nose rider for as long as you want or enjoy free travel spirit on break. Roti Island is the farthest south point of Indonesia, with beautiful untouched beaches and amazing surfbreaks, tropical rainforests, savannahs and hills ending on steep cliffs. You now have the opportunity to enjoy this exciting experience in Indonesia.

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