Benefit of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) to Treat Liver Cirrhosis

Eurycoma longifolia Jack/Tongkat Ali

Eurycoma longifolia Jack/Tongkat Ali

Society had been long enough in Asia, especially Indonesia using roots of Pasak Bumi plant (Eurycoma longifolia), or in Malaysia known as Tongkat Ali as a herbal ingredient to increase male sexual arousal. In addition, people also use the pegs of the earth as a tonic for new mothers who gave birth, treatment of swollen glands, fever, and dysentery.

But the efficacy of this plant is found not only that. A recent study conducted at the Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), shows that the roots of Eurycoma longifolia Jack have liver protecting properties from damage. This research was conducted by Princess Double Ruqiah Panjaitan, S3 student of the postgraduate of Biology Faculty of IPB in her research entitled “Pengujian Aktivitas Hepatoprotektor Akar Pasak Bumi”.
In this study, researchers examined the effectiveness of root extracts of pasak bumi/tongkat ali to liver function in rat. In her research, Ruqiah spent 12.5 kilograms pasak bumi roots that have been dried and then grinded into powder. Powder is then extracted with methanol solution of 50 percent. Then, repeatedly partitioned with n-hexane, concentrated by vacuum Rotavapor. The result of this partition is still through several stages of the process again, until the extract was obtained as expected. Indonesian native plant extract was then tested on male Sprague Dawley rats aged 2-3 months. Previously, all rats were given carbon tetrachloride at a dose of 0.1, 1.0 and 10.0 milliliters per kilogram.

Results of scientific research shows that Pasak Bumi efficacious in sexual dysfunction, antimalarial, and cytotoxic (cell poisoning). While research of the influence of Pasak Bumi to protect the liver from damage has not been widely applied. Cirrhosis is a continuation of chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis B or C is marked by changes in the anatomy of the liver cells into connective tissue.

Carbon tetrachloride is toxic to the liver and cause necrosis (cell damage) rats. The animals were randomly divided into three groups, each group consisted of three tails. The first group, rats were given distilled water. The second group, rats fed “Silybum marianum.” The third group, rats fed extracts of the roots of the earth peg. Treatment of rats lasted for three months. At the root extract dose of 500 milligrams of the earth pegs per kilogram of body weight did not result in changes in liver enzyme levels, ie, the enzyme “aspartate transaminase, the enzyme” Alanine Aminotransferaz “, and” Alkalenfosfataz “, total protein, total bilirubin, the director and indurek.

Dose of methanol fraction of water of Pasak Bumi root and then raised to  1000 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. At this dose, the Pasak Bumi root extract showed hepatoprotective activity. It is characterized aspartate transaminase enzyme levels and Alanine Aminotransferaz still within the normal range. In addition, description of histopathology (tissue exposed to the disease) was comparable to the granting of silymarin.

About Pasak Bumi

Pasak bumi or tongkat ali (scientific name: Eurycoma longifolia) is a type of tree found in the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Referring to the Wikipedia Eurycoma longifolia has changed from popular for its testosterone-enhancing properties alleged [2]. Tongkat Ali is typically sold as an Herbal Viagra under Various trade names as Via Standard and Poor plus and Long Jack. This is a Drug Used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial It has therefore been Included in Some herbal supplements for bodybuilders. Historically, South East Asia has utilised the herb for its suggested antimalarial [3], antibacterial activity [4], antipyretic, antiulcer, antitumor [5], cytotoxic, and aphrodisiac properties. In an experiment conducted on male rats, it was found eurycoma longifolia That increases the sperm count and plasma testosterone of the rats.

Common names
Tongkat ali, penawar pahit, penawar bias, bedara merah, bedara putih, lempedu pahit, payong ali, tongkat baginda, muntah bumi, petala bumi (Malay); pasak bumi, bidara laut (Indonesian); babi kurus (Javanese); cay ba binh (Viet Namese); hae phan chan, plaalai phuenk, phiak (Thai); tho nan (Laos).

Used Parts
Root, root bark, leaves

Major uses
It is an anti-malarial, anti-histaminic, anti-pyretic and tonic. Also useful for fever, medication after birth, boils, wounds, ulcers, syphilis and bleeding Gums.

What are the active chemical substance of tongkat ali

Some of the substances in the bark include quassinoids, squalene derivative, biphenylneolignans, tirucallane-type triterpenes, canthine, 6-1, and beta-carboline alkaloids. Additional substances include eurycomanone, longilactone, 14.15-dihydroxyklaineanone beta, 15beta-acetyl-14-hydroxyklaineanone, 6alpha-hydroxyeurycomalactone, eurycomaoside, and eurycomalactone. Eurycomanone is a bioactive quassinoid. Beta-carboline alkaloids are present in the root Also.

Efficacy of treatment
It is an anti-malarial, anti-histaminic, anti-pyretic and tonic. Also useful for fever, medication after birth, boils, wounds, ulcers, syphilis and bleeding Gums. This herb is Used in the United States mainly for its aphrodisiac Properties.

There are dozens of eurycoma herb products available without a Prescription and cans you find in many vitamin stores Them, Some pharmacies, and certainly on the Internet. Tongkat ali extract is sold in Various ratios, with 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, and 1:200 being commonly claimed. Traditionally Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi is extracted with water and not ethanol. However, the use of selling Tongkat Ali extract based on extraction ratio and is confusing May be Easily verifiable notes. Thus professionals are now standardizing on their manufacturers extract the active ingredient based on the level, not the ratio of non-verifiable method That is open to abuse. The commonly Used standard / marker is the Glycosaponin content (35-45% glycosaponin in a pure extract) and eurycomanone (> 2%).

Benefit of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) to Treat Liver Cirrhosis by

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