Basic About Camera DSLR

Basic About DSLR Camera

DSLR camera

DSLR camera

DSLR or SLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera) technology is a combination of DSLR cameras or digital SLR cameras, this turns out to be made to replace film of photography camera. Camera SLR & DSLR cameras have features that are very advanced are:

  • Live preview
  • Video recording with HD resolution and features contrast detection and auto-focus
  • Dedicated keys for both sensor ISO image, if necessary.

By using a DSLR and SLR cameras, you will be presented with a great selection of photography lenses and other ancillary equipment, of course according to your needs. In contrast to ordinary digital camera is seen in terms of the smaller size of this camera.

As the name implies, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, this camera type lens system uses a single track line to pass the light beam towards the second place, the Focal Plane and viewfinder, allowing the photographer to be able to see objects through the exact same camera as the picture. This is in contrast to non-SLR cameras, which are visible in the viewfinder view may be different than what is captured in the film, because this type of camera using multiple lenses range, 1 to skip the light beam to the viewfinder, and a range of other lenses to skip the files light to the Focal Plane. SLR cameras use pentaprisma placed on the optical path through the lens to the film plate. Incoming light then reflected upward by the mirror reflectivity and the pentaprisma. Pentaprisma then reflect the light a few times until the viewfinder. When the button is released, the glass paving the way for the light so that the light can be directly on the film.

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) working with a full digital system since then capture images of objects by Image Sensor up to the writing on the memory card. Because it’s on a DSLR there are more buttons than the SLR as option ISO, White Balance, Preset Scenes, Resolution and others, and the most difference is the availability of memory slots that sometimes more than one.

Similarity of DSLR and SLR is mechanization taking images of objects using a single lens (single lens) is equal to zero in the function (via the viewfinder) and deliver shots to the Image Sensor (DSLR) or Film (SLR). The progress reflexy done (using reflective glass that may be in camera).

A more detailed explanation can be found at wikipedia.

How to Choose DSLR Camera

There are several factors you need to consider in buying a DSLR camera, so there are no regrets later on, such as:

Camera Price

Usually the price will be directly proportional to the quality. The more expensive a DLSR camera then of course the more complete the better features and image quality produced.

So whether you are a professional or just a hobby?
A professional photographer obviously need a DSLR camera because it demands a profession and imaging in front of clients. A wedding photographer will definitely need a DSLR camera, as well as a journalist photographer. If photography is a hobby, or just take a pictures without make photography as profession , it is necessary to reconsider whether to buy a DSLR camera.

If you are a beginner or if you have limited budget, then you need to be observant to choose cheap but quality DLSR camera. You can make your choice a few types of large-resolution compact cameras. In recent years, appeared some compact cameras bersensor big picture. The presence of this camera provides an alternative to DSLR users who want a smaller camera and mobile, but still want the best picture quality of a DSLR.

RX1 compact cameras such as Sony, Sigma DP3, a Nikon Coolpix and Fuji X100s answer the needs of photographers who require high-quality compact camera, both of ingredients camera body, lens and of course the picture quality. Keep in mind that the cunning hands and eyes you also specify an image to be amazing.

Camera specifications

The camera will determine what kind of image quality you. Adjust the camera specs to what you need. Not just the camera alone, the lenses also have to really think. If you always shoot in dark conditions, the camera specs look that can reach a high ISO. Many DSLR cameras now that can be used as a video camera. Well, this resolution is very important. The greater the resolution of a camera, meaning that the resulting image will get better. If you are a traveler, just choose a pocket camera. it will suffice. For carrying DSLR cameras on long trips very troublesome. Not to mention the matter of security of jolt

Additional Accessories

Usually, when buying a DSLR camera, the store in question had been clicking including all the extra accessories for your camera. Like a camera bag and strap, camera cleaning, and others. Do not forget to always ask this when buying a camera

Camera Size and Weight

For those of you who travel a lot, it helps if your camera lighter to carry. Yes, consideration will be the size and weight of the camera can also take note. Customize it to your needs and your comfort.

Maintenance and Extra Care

DSLR camera is not a toy that can put their own wishes. DSLR cameras need extra care, ranging from buying a big Drybox, dust remover, lens tissue, blowers and others. If you are someone who is a bit careless or less attention / caution in caring for an electronic item, then reconsider your decision to buy a DSLR camera.

Nikon DSLR camera

Nikon DSLR camera

Camera Size and File Format

I believe in the year 2013, many DSLR cameras with high resolution will come out on the market. Side effects of high resolution DSLR camera is the large file size of each picture, especially its RAW files. You would need a super computer to process the RAW foto2 and also require additional Hard Disk for back-up. If you are a lazy photographed with RAW, so think more wisely before buying a DSLR camera.

Shooting Intensity

Created for DSLR cameras shooting high enough intensity. A DSLR camera mid-low class now has the ability to shoot something or shutter count around 100,000 photos. A journalist was the one who usually spend the shutter count number within 2-4 years. If you motretnya sparse, then consider again whether to buy a DSLR camera.


The development of camera technology in 2012 yesterday alone is obviously spoil the costumernya. Ability mirrorless camera images of some even better than DSLR cameras. It is not possible mirrorless camera technology in 2013 will be more reigned-crazy exceeds the capabilities of a DSLR camera with.

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