Artificial sweeteners and Pregnancy

When women are pregnant, there are lots of food and beverages to be consumed in doubt. Because of fear of food or beverages are harmful to the fetus was conceived. And what about soda? Can be consumed during pregnancy?

Drink diet soda during pregnancy is still a debate that has not been established whether allowed or not. Because of these drinks contain artificial sweeteners different, some use an artificial sweetener that is safe for pregnant women but there are also dangerous for pregnant women.

Some synthetic sweeteners are still new and have not done studies long enough to know these sweeteners safety for pregnant women. In addition also drink diet sodas that contain caffeine in large amounts can be harmful to the pregnancy itself.

Artificial sweetener commonly used there are 3 types of aspartame, saccharin and sucralose. Of the three types of safe and forbidden for pregnant women as quoted from Babymed, Tuesday (29/9/2009), namely:

This artificial sweetener known as NutraSweet and a synthetic sweetener that has long circulated, and much research have been done. Researchers say that eating artificial sweeteners in little amounts are still relatively safe for pregnant women, but not more than one to two ounces per day, and it is a maximum limit of artificial sweetener consumption.

This artificial sweetener is clearly prohibited consumed by pregnant women at any gestation. Based on the research it was found that saccharin consumption during pregnancy can cause birth defects. So should avoid diet soda drinks containing saccharin.

This artificial sweetener is still new and no studies stating that the sweetener is safe for consumption by pregnant women. So should avoid beverages containing artificial sweeteners until there is research that indicates that this sweetener is safe for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should avoid carbonated beverages, because high levels of sodium can cause the baby to have the excess weight. Better than fruity juice and diet soda if it really wants choose beverages containing artificial sweeteners are safe for pregnant women.

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