Street Photography

Street Photography is the flow of photography, who prefer the subject (point of interest) in the public sphere (public places).
Public space in question is a street in broad terms, that means including all objects, the space around it, for example in cafes, malls, markets, parks, and so on. Point of interest (subject) which is in the public sphere can not be separated from the course, but other things that are often located in public spaces, such as events, objects (element), the weather, shadows, and so on. Street Photography is realized very differently and the art style is mostly a mixture of history and up-to-date elements. The goal of street photography is to capture scenes unaffected by the author of the work so as to show a natural story and subject. Story and subject are possibly the most important aspects of a good street shot. Continue…

Camera Shutter Count

camera shutter

camera shutter – credit to

Know the number Shutter Count it is important for those who have a digital camera because by knowing how much Shutter Count  from your camera then you will also know the age of your camera.

The shutter count is the number of pictures that a camera has already taken. Also known as actuations. The number is important with used cameras because the shutter blades are delicate mechanical parts, subject to wear & tear. [1] Continue…

Fluor Albus Herbal Treatment

Vaginal discharge or fluor albus (leucorrhoea) can be experienced by women who is less able to maintain the cleanliness of the skin or clothes, causing the growth of fungi that can cause vaginal discharge. Besides the disease can also be caused by inflammation that occurs in the tubes or hormonal changes. This article must be read by women and may be useful.

Fluor Albus (leucorrhoea)

Fluor Albus (leucorrhoea)

Fluor albus is actually a natural thing happens because of hormonal changes especially during pregnancy, when the woman showed signs of whitish vaginal discharge does not smell like and do not itch, then do not panic it’s normal thing, leave it will also go away by itself, but if the vaginal discharge characteristic feature odorless, tasteless lumpy and itchy, it is necessary to do the treatment to cure it because it has been categorized as whitish pathological / disease.

Fluor albus (leucorrhoea) can be caused by inflammation or genitals because estrogen hormonal disturbances, in addition to the possible result of psychological factors. For alternative herbal remedies, choose one of the traditional herb medicines below: Continue…

Manjakani – Herbal to Tighten Vaginal Muscles

Tighten Vaginal Muscles – Compared with betel leaf, manjakani is relatively less known. Though this plant is also believed to produce health care, clean female sex organs to avoid vagina infections and eliminate the odor, clean fragrance and abrasive, raise self-confidence to intimacy husband-wife relationship.

Many women asked whether in such cases they can restore their vaginal tightness. Or, is there a home remedy for vaginal rejuvenation?

Yes, there is. Although it is not 100% like you’re virgin, but you can still get that condition which almost ‘similar’ results. In fact, those successful achieve those targets said “this is even better” than when they were young. Caring for organ intimate with natural ingredients actually been done since ancient times. The most popular is by cooking the betel leaves and use it`s water to remove  vaginal discharge. Actually there is another ingredient to keep the intimate organs, namely Manjakani (oak galls). traditionally by the Arabs, Iran, China, India, and the Malays. It is believed that Manjakani has been used since 2725 BC by the ancient Egypt. Although many grew up in Indonesia, yet many manjakani plants known to the public. Continue…

Herbal to Facilitates Breast Feeding (enriching and increasing the milk in nursing mothers)

breast milk is an essential nutrient for the baby, and exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months will provide many benefits for optimal growth and development. But mother often worried about the availability of milk during nursing and whether it is able to meet the growing needs of the baby. After birthing, if your breast produce not enough milk for baby, don’t be worry. Here is a herbal ingredient to helps increase milk production in nursing mothers. Continue…