10 Menstruation Myths

Menstruation cycle

Menstruation cycle

Myths often trusted, developed in the community with information that is less precise, less complete, even too excessive. This raises antipati attitude, defensive and even discrimination in certain situations.

After the myths about sexuality, it also myths about menstruation circulating in the community and heredity notified. Here are 10 menstruation myths you should know:

1. Menstruation make the body become weak.

The results of the research states that the blood of menstruation that many only about 150 ml, or about four to six spoons only. So do not worry if the body will become weak because you are only menstruation.

2. Menstruation means are sick.

Thus, the menstruation is a natural process experienced by every woman productive. Menstruation means that women are healthy and her reproduce system or fertility normaly work properly.

3. Want to have smooth menstruation cycle, drink a soft drink as often as possible.

Many believe that in addition to smoothing out the blood, drinking soft drink can also reduce stomach pain. Actually there is no special research on this matter. Stomach pain during menstruation and smooth or not the blood discharge during menstruation all influenced by hormones and psychological factors of woman.

4. Using the sanitary napkins when menstruation can cause sterility.

In fact, is a medical method during menstruation to stay clean and not humid. Basically, all the woman’s sanitary napkin is sanitary and healthy, but there are some women who also experience allergy and irritation. This is due to the sensitivity of each female sex organ is different. Therefore, it is recommended to change the sanitary napkins when menstruation as often as possible (ideally every 4 hours), especially when too many bleeding after menstruation and after urinate or defecate.

5. When menstruation is prohibited to swim.

During using the sanitary napkins and not feel a loss, swim when menstruation be permitted. And this is utterly no effect on health. As a suggestion, if you feel stomach cramps, then stop swimming activities.

6. Menstruation period length, normaly take a week.

Of course, this opinion is incorrect. Each woman would have a different period of menstruation and not always be seven days. Women who have a menstruation period of three, four or five days is considered normal

7. Do not drink ice/frozen water during menstruation.

Indeed, cold water doesn’t have any impact to menstruation. Particularly effects hamper the flow of blood. As long as not feel sick or flatulence, drinking ice water is acceptable.

8. Menstrual cycles are 28 days, with ovulation on the 14th day of a cycle.
That’s just an average. A cycle can vary, and many women have irregular periods. The first day of your period is considered the first day of your cycle, and the number of days you menstruate is not an indicator of fertility. Basal body temperature indicates ovulation. Prior to ovulation, when estrogen is dominant, your body temperature is marginally cooler than after ovulation, when progesterone is in charge. These changes are very subtle. The temperature sensitive Lady-Comp can monitor these subtle differences.

9. Menstrual blood is different from regular blood.
Menstrual blood is regular blood. It simply flows from the vagina. There’s nothing unusual or wrong with it, and it has no odor. Pads and Tampon only cause an odor when bacteria builds. So changing them regularly keeps you smelling fresh. Extra cleansing or deodorants aren’t needed.
10. Hot water increases period flow.
Typically, the only thing that will change your flow is your own body. However, a warm bath or shower or a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel can help with cramps.
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